• Purpose: Archive/Information planet
  • Temperature: 25 degrees Celsius
  • Gravity: 0.8 standard

A planet of extreme contrasts, which originally had deserts, large seas, and huge expanses of savannah, Nezia’s surface is now so densely populated that the original contours are invisible from space. From atmosphere it appears ivory and green due to the construction of countless buildings, canals, and parks. Stand-out landmarks include the immense Relleven Canal, which runs from east to west along the planet’s equator; and the city-sized Flurenz Biodome in the northern hemisphere, built to accommodate off-planet visitors with methane-atmosphere requirements.

Nezia’s main sources of income are education, tourism and diplomacy. The planet supports the largest collection of biblio-archives, libraries, universities and art galleries in the Uncharted Territories, and is generally regarded as an unparalleled source of antiquities. It has retained its treasures through a strict set of cultural restrictions and intense planetary security – any serious infraction of exacting laws and rules, whether committed by a visitor or inhabitant, results in permanent banishment from Nezia space. Nezia has no capital punishment, imprisonment, or physical form of rehabilitation. The natives employ a code of social shunning in order to keep their population in line. As an entirely neutral entity, Nezia plays host to countless diplomatic conferences and treaty summits involving forces from many powers, including Peacekeepers, Scarrans, Sheyang, independent Sebacean colonies, Luxans, and Scorvians, to name a few.

Though one might think that exposure to such a variety of other races would raise a threat to Nezian culture or safety, the population’s dedication to cultural boundaries and the planet’s advanced weapons technology preserves its independence. Because it is often impossible to find a neutral location for political meetings between warring races, aliens must generally abide by the princely fees the Nezians charge to host such gatherings. Having few monetary interests outside of their own system (which is largely self-supporting) guarantees their impartiality; Nezia has a reputation as one of the safest planets in the Uncharted Territories – although the reality is somewhat more complex than the image they present.


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