News Briefs - Episode 9

This image was taken by the USS Cole as it approached the Andoria System


At 07:06 GT, thousands of distress calls were received from the Andorian system. Starfleet sent immediate aid in the form of hundreds of ships located within 12 hours of travel time. All communications with the Andorian system as well as all ships in the general area was lost at 14:11 GT. This morning at 09:17 the USS Nebraska reported that it had arrived in the Andorian system and that the system is gone. “All that remains is a singularity and an incredible field of space debris.”


Following the conclusion of the Bajoran Convention, Ambassador Twine of Trill said, “We have established a new accord with all the major galactic powers in the Alpha and Beta Quadrant. New rules regarding weapons development, exploration, salvage rights, and intergalactic law will be put into effect once this treaty is ratifies.”

Ambassador Vader of the Galactic Empire stated, “With peace come responsibility and with responsibility come complications. We will move forward towards a true galactic peace with all peoples treated as equals and all nations given their fair chance to develop.”

The fate of the treaty now lies with the UFP Senate. The debates have started as to whether to ratify or null the treaty. Voting is expects in two weeks.

Also on Bajor was a murder that may have political ties to it or perhaps something more sinister. A highly decorated Bajoran veteran was murdered while in the docking arm where the Heart of Gold was docked. As you may recall the Heart of Gold was the ship that was attacked by a Klingon vessel just over one week ago. With a ship filled with so many criminals and the amount of violence following it, one must question what is the cause. Kira Samak, the deceased, was a cousin of Colonel Kira, the commander of DS9. He also was a survivor of the Cardassian occupation and a Veteran of the Dominion War. People on DS9 confirm he was a friend with the slaver Captain Tarak of the Heart of Gold. They also confirm that he was on his way to meet with Captain Tarak when he was murdered.

An investigation is underway but Captain Tarak is the only listed suspect. Constable Odo said, “Tarak assaulted Colonel Kira just two days prior to this murder and it is my belief that Samak was on his way to confront his old friend about the assault when Tarak killed him.” An arrest warrant is expected to be issued for Captain Tarak once all evidence is collected.


The Jedi terrorists captured on Betazed have given up more information than was ever expected. As a result of this information, 99 more criminals have been apprehended including the Jedi leader, Satele Keto. Keto has been charged with mass murder, terrorism, and dozens of other charges. She is currently in transit to Terra where she shall be tried before the UFP General Council. If found guilty of mass murder, she shall be euthanized under the Jedi Extermination Act.

Satele Keto seen here creating a ball of energy which she used to kill four Starfleet Marines during her capture.

Denchar Penal Colony

The capture of wanted fugitive, Dr Elisha Cole, took place today when the crew of the USS Neptune intercepted her cloaked shuttle as it attempted to enter the atmosphere of Denchar Penal Colony. Dr. Cole was wanted for numerous counts of forced biological and genetic modifications. She has had a substantial reward for her capture for some time and now shall face trial for violating the Genetic Laws of 2288. If found guilty, she shall be sentenced to a penal colony for life. Perhaps the very colony she tried to enter. How ironic.

News Briefs - Episode 9

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