News Briefs - Episode 8


The USS Enterprise, while on a diplomatic mission to Risa, was engaged in a prolonged battle with seven unidentified ships. All seven ships were destroyed in the conflict and the Enterprise suffered heavy casualties. Captain Riker said, “We do not know who the enemy was but they attacked as we entered the Risan Sector, and appeared to have been waiting for us. Everyone knows Risa doesn’t have warships and these ships were definitely warships. They appeared to be of a design similar to the old Birds-of-Prey the Romulans used a hundred years ago.”

Ambassador Kulich of Betazed was killed in the attack when a hull breach vented her room into space. Starfleet has sent ships to investigate. The result of this attack is that the peace mission to Risa has been cancelled. The Risan First Minister Eliza Dushka spoke to her people, “We have seen the resolve of our enemies and the attack on the Enterprise seems too coincidental. It is our belief that Starfleet Intelligence orchestrated this attack in order to stop peace talks. As for Risa not having warships, the Federation should be warned, we have warships and lots of them, supplied to us by our allies, and we are not afraid to use them in defense of our system."

Jul Santeros, Betazed

Admiral Yore announced the capture of seven Jedi dissidents. “Uncovered we have, the Jedi plot. By placing bombs, an earthquake caused, many lives lost. Interrogate we will, find the leader we must.” FIPA and Starfleet Intelligence are fighting over jurisdiction in this matter. An hour after Admiral Yore’s announcement, one of the leaders of the Jedi Cult spoke out, “We will not stop fighting tyranny and deceit. Yore is a liar and a cheat. We were not responsible for any earthquake and we helped those injured following the disaster. If the quaker was made then it was made by Starfleet to discredit us.” FIPA identified the speaker as Satele Keto, a known dissident and suspected of assassinating the Chancellor of the Federation last year. Yore announced, “On the capture of Keto, closing in we are.”

Bajor (Jane Echo reporting)

Violence broke at on Deep Space 9 during the Bajoran Convention. Apparently the result of a long-standing Klingon feud, a group of Klingon soldiers opened fire on a group of civilians. The civilians in question are all crewmembers of a ship known as the Heart of Gold. The fighting ended quickly and resulted in multiple casualties.

Less than an hour later a Klingon ship, the IKS Maggot, fired a photon torpedo at the still-docked and defenseless Heart of Gold. Before any more mayhem could ensue, the SSD Executor destroyed the Klingon ship. Captain Manqué of the Executor stated, “We couldn’t allow a defenseless civilian ship to be destroyed by an obviously insane captain. We had no choice but to intervene.”

As this reporter dug deeper into the cause of the events she discovered the victim was a former Starfleet officer named Karr. Karr was banished from the Klingon Empire for the murder and rape of a prominent Klingon family. Later he joined Starfleet and had a rather spectacular career. That career was ended when he turned traitor and was caught selling secrets to the USS Vanguard. Those secrets caused the deaths of hundreds of Federation citizens. Karr was sentenced to the Denchar Penal Colony and it is now believed he escaped along with thousands of other prisoners a few months ago.

Further research has determined that the Captain of the Heart of Gold, as well as several of the crew, were also prisoners of Denchar. The Captain of the ship, Tarak, is another former Starfleet officer turned sour. He is known to be a slaver and a pirate. With Bajor not officially a part of the Federation, Starfleet is powerless to arrest the escaped convicts. This reporter is curious as to how they acquired a ship and managed to cross the Federation without detection.

Alteran Expanse

A distress signal from the Alteran Expanse has led Starfleet to believe that the USS Vanguard and all hands have been lost. This is great news for Starfleet, as now they can suspend the massive search operation that has been going on for years.

News Briefs - Episode 8

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