News Briefs - Episode 7

Deep Space Nine

Talks between the Cardassian Union, Klingon High Command, Romulan Star Empire, United Federation of Planets, and The Empire will begin this week. The station shall serve as a neutral point to allow each empire nation to share their respective thoughts and ideas on how to move forward into the 25th century. Protesters from around the galaxy are converging on Bajor and the Bajoran Defense Force has increased security on Deep Space Nine as well as the Capital. No one yet knows if representatives from the Dominion will be in attendance and there is much speculation as to what it will mean if the Dominion becomes involved in the talks. All ships currently on Deep Space Nine will be held in port until after the talks are completed which could be several weeks.


A warp core breach in the Nechama Science Academy caused an evacuation of the facility today. Three hours later the breach resulted in a class 4 temporal meltdown. The explosion that followed registered a 7.8 on the Stalin Scale and destroyed the entire facility. No lives were lost. Investigators are examining evidence to determine if this was an accident or by design.

Citadel Station

Former Miss Universe, Salma Hayek announced that Citadel Station has been chosen as the location of the next Miss Universe Pageant, which is to be held in November of this year. Dianne Swanson, the director of the pageant, says, “With the troubles on Risa we had to choose a new place for the pageant and we needed one that was safe and free of political turmoil. Citadel, though out of the way, offers luxury, security, and the perfect venue for our Miss Universe Pageant.”

Denchar Penal Colony

The investigation into the Great Escape, earlier this year has revealed that 15,000 prisoners are unaccounted for. Following the escape, the colony experienced a terrible civil war and the EMH reported to Starfleet an outbreak of Black Blood Syndrome. The Colony for all practical purposes is now closed as Starfleet is placing an interdiction on the planet. This news, so close to the sale of the planet, has created a lot of mistrust between the UFP and the Romulan Star Empire. The Chancellor said, “If the Romulans knew this disease was present on the planet, prior to the sale, we would be forced to consider the sale of the planet an act of war. BBS is the most virulent disease known to exist and any nation that would take the chance of infecting people with this disease must be considered hostile to the UFP. We shall investigate this matter and determine a course of action.”

The famous Dr. Crell Moset, of Cardassia is taking a research vessel to the Denchar System to study the disease and attempt to find a cure. Dr Moset is the virologist who discovered the cure for the dreaded Fostossa Virus and he is considered to be the best virologist in the Alpha or Beta Quadrant. In an interview yesterday Moset said, “The Black Blood Syndrome is just a disease and like any other a cure can be found. It will only be a matter of time. My fear right now is the violent prisoners of the Denchar Colony. If they know of the disease they will be frightened and militant and may try to escape. If this happens we may be forced to euthanise the worst of them in order to protect our researchers.”

News Briefs - Episode 7

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