News Briefs - Episode 6

Hana City, Betazed

In a move designed to increase local security as well as ease the burden of the already overcrowded arrival ports, the Starfleet has issued new restrictions on all in-bound interstellar traffic.

“The port crowding has reached dangerous levels. We can no longer assure the safety of newcomers to this world, or to the citizenry residing adjacent to the ports. In the interests of security, these new measures are needed,” said Minister Alanzo Habeen

The new measures include the mandatory requirement at least two of the following:

  • UFP Coreworld Visa
  • UFP Passport
  • Ferengi Diplomatic Operating Liscence
  • Outworld Visitor Visa
  • Starfleet Identification

Vessels with proper governmental and diplomatic licenses will be exempt from these protocols.
Many of the new arrivals on Betazed lack any form of proper identification, making it impossible to identify intent. “This is an invitation to disaster,” said Habeen. “Any anti-Federation terrorist could pose as a refugee, and we’d have no way of verifying they’re who they say they are. That could lead to dangerous situations here, on Betazed. Even without suspects looking to willfully hurt our people, there are safety concerns. That disaster in the Utinii district was a horrible accident that was a direct result of port overcrowding. Those families living in the barrel were there because they couldn’t find anywhere else to go.”

Many free traders and independent operators are incensed in the increased bureaucracy. “It’s not just the added costs of having to pay for the licenses, though that’s bad enough,” said Captain Jin Franga, free trader. “In this business, time is money. How long am I going to be held up at port, having to get every little form verified?”

Large interstellar starliners are also feeling the pinch, as one of their most popular ports of call may now have become too complicated and out of the comfort range of most of their consumers. “I’m saddened that it’s come to this. Closing the gates should have been a last option, but it’s instead become the first choice. What’s next? Will Betazed become a police state?” said Ambassidor Liran (Andoria) whose world has been taking on displaced citizenry.

The Refugee Relief Movement has been attempting to communicate the option of alternate ports to the traveling homeless. Culturally, the image of Betazed has always been as a haven, far removed from war or disease or poverty. Many refugees just automatically pick it as their destination port. These new changes are being met with much anger and it is believed the recent Jedi Attacks on Betazed are the cause for alarm.

News Briefs - Episode 6

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