News Briefs - Episode 5

Bajor Vedic Tono Marcia was assassinated today by a group claiming to be the Liberation Front of Bajor. The LFB has been responsible for dozens of bombings and assassinations in recent months as they try to raise awareness of the corruption within the government of the UFP. Vedic Tono was very outspoken about a need to remain true to Bajor’s allies and the UFP. FIPA is assisting the Bajoran Defense force in their investigation.

Romulus The Romulan Emperor has decreed that the Denchar System has been sold to the UFP. A recent battle between a Romulan vessel and the USS Neptune may have spurred this sudden sale of the system. The infamous Denchar Penal Colony, which resides in this system, holds some of the most dangerous criminals known to the Federation. Now that the sale is complete, Starfleet has unveiled its latest project, a new space station that will be constructed in synchronous orbit above the Colony.

Star Fleet Academy, Mars Admiral Teck Sonon announced today that the Starfleet Marines will be sending twelve sovereign class ships into the Uncharted Territories to pursue reports of the USS Vanguard.

Andoria Scientist from the Andorian Academy of Science claim to have made a major breakthrough in defending against hyperdrive attacks. A new gravity generator has been developed and these generators will be used to prevent ships using hyperdrive from entering systems unannounced.

News Briefs - Episode 5

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