News Briefs - Episode 44


A cosmic string has been seen moving towards the Risa system. It appears the string will come within 20,000km of the resort planet of Risa itself. Hundreds of thousands are fleeing the system for fear that the string will destroy the planet or the sun.


Admiral Thrawn and his fleet attacked the Borg invaders of the Romulan system. Reports are sketchy but from what we have been able to verify, Thrawn’s fleet destroyed the Borg cube and eradicated all of the Borg invaders. It is unclear what this means for the Romulan Star Empire and we await new with anticipation.

Citadel Station

Reports are streaming in from Citadel Station of a massive battle between the fleets of Admiral Thrawn and the Borg. Three imperial star destroyers were lost in the battle but Citadel Station has been liberated. The leader of the attack was a Captain Pedric Graff of the Imperial Navy. Following the liberation of the station, Graff sent a message asking if the station needed further assistance. After being told that they could handle it, Graff and his fleet headed into Romulan space.

News Briefs - Episode 44

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