News Briefs - Episode 4

Bakers World – In an unexpected turn of events, two Ambassadors from Risa met with President Nashua of Baker’s World today to negotiate an alliance between Risa and the Affiliation of Outer Free Worlds. If this alliance is formed, Risa will become the first core world to join the AOFW. Upon leaving Baker’s World, the two unnamed ambassadors were arrested by Starfleet.

Sheridan’s World – The Klingon terrorist group known as LoDnI’pu’ ‘Iwghargh (Brotherhood of Blood) claimed responsibility for the destruction of the colony on Sheridan’s World. According to Starfleet, “All of the colonists appear to have vanished, and all structures on the planet have been destroyed.” Starfleet and FIPA are investigating further, but have given no comments on the validity of the terrorist group’s claims.

Denchar – The Federation starship USS Neptune was involved in a running battle with an unknown Romulan warship today. The unknown vessel was destroyed and all crew lost. Members of the Romulan Senate are demanding an investigation into the matter.

Rehabilitation Colony 7 – The USS Vanguard was involved in the escape of 17 prisoners today. According to Captain Jerome Bently of the USS Constellation, “Captain Archer and his crew of traitors entered the system using a hyperspace drive. They launched powerful EMP and ION missiles into the instalation; moments later they beamed out 17 prisoners, all of whom had been former members of the Vanguard crew.” Starfleet mobilized a search team but were unable to find any clue as to where the USS Vanguard and her crew have vanished to.

Starbase 417 – Admiral Yore, supreme commander of Operation Jet, announced today that new information on the whereabouts of the Jedi terrorist, Satele Keto. “Sent vessels will be, investigate they will, the claims of Jedi on Betazed. Investigate sighting of Keto we will. Strong justice, this terrorist shall meet.” Admiral Yore’s fleet is responsible for the capture and deaths of no fewer than forty alleged Jedi.

Deep Space 9 – In a suprise visit to the aging space station, Ambassador Vader shared information with the Bajoran Government that allowed for the capture of two force using terrorists. Vader said, “Together we shall destroy all vestiges of the Jedi Cult and prevent another galactic war.”

DimorousUSS Pathfinder, under the command of Captain Matthew Young, ventured to the Dimorous system to conduct negotiations with representatives of the Empire. During the conference, a suicide bomber detonated a small explosive device killing himself, three Imperial Troopers, a Starfleet Admiral, and a Vice-Admiral of Starfleet. An investigation into the incident is being conducted by Captain Young and the crew of the Pathfinder.

News Briefs - Episode 4

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