News Briefs - Episode 39

Citadel Station

Salma Hayek was returned after being missing for nearly a year. She has reported posttraumatic amnesia towards the details of what happened to her but her return has created some conflict. Karly Rose, a known assassin, broke into Hayek’s home and shot her three times at point blank range. If not for an unnamed person who was visiting Hayek, she would now be dead. Karly Rose escaped the station and is now wanted. It is unclear who hired Ms Rose but speculations are running wild.


Starfleet announced today that the starship, USS Necropolis, has begun its shakedown cruise. The Necropolis has been long considered to be the greatest achievement in Starfleet history, as it uses a zero point modulation engine that can travel nearly instantly to any point in the galaxy.

News Briefs - Episode 39

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