News Briefs - Episode 38

Around the Federation

Six capital cities on six different planets were all struck with 50 megaton plasma blasts all within minutes of each other. It is unknown who is behind the attacks, how they were orchestrated, or even why. Terror is filling the hearts of nearly everyone in the Federation as the body count continues to climb. Currently it is estimated that 110 million people lost their lives in this attacks and the monetary cost is well in excess of five trillion credits. Bajor, Centauri, Terra, Betazed, Tellar, and Vulcan all suffered from these attacks. Find out more of the general news feeds of these planets.

Lira’s Fortress

Lira, the mysterious figure known throughout the Uncharted Territories and the Ferengi Queen, has entered into an alliance with Grand Moff Tarkin. This surprising even comes as the Federation is building a fleet to attack Tarkin’s superbattlestation, the Deathstar. It is unclear what the move will accomplish but with Lira’s fleet of warships joining forces with the remnants of the Imperial navy, the Uncharted Territories just gained one of the most powerful military forces ever seen in that area of the galaxy. An emissary has been dispatched by Lira to meet with Federation officials.

Citadel Station

Arnold Jenkins is back in the news as he has been restored as an active member of Citadel and has had his business, Vanguard Salvage, returned to him. Jenkins was involved in a lawsuit earlier this year but he won his legal battle but lost much of his business assets. Now the station has restored him fully and paid him an undisclosed amount in damages. When asked what next, Jenkins said, “I am off to find out what happened to my friend Salma Hayek, she was kidnapped while I was in trial and I must assume that she needs rescue. I had thought one of her former loves would step up and be a man but since it hasn’t happened I shall take up the job of hero and go to her rescue.”

News Briefs - Episode 38

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