News Briefs - Episode 36


Admiral PauPaub and Admiral Yore have begun to assemble the Victory Fleet. So far over 2 million volunteers have filtered in from Starfleet, the Cardassian Navy, former Imperial droids, merchant marines, and thousands of people who are looking to have their records wiped. The Fleet is being split into two battle groups. One made up of former Starfleet, Chaka Force, and Cardassian Navy personnel. The other made up of volunteers from minor fleets, non-military personnel, and criminals that are being released from various penal colonies to serve. Further details are sketchy by our sources say that the fleet will begin to mobilize sometime within the next year.


The rebuilding of Mars following the vicious attack made by Admiral Thrawn’s fleet has been slow and filled with many pitfalls. The Anti-Starfleet League (TASL) has been protesting in every city on Mars. Their demands are that Starfleet remove its Marine Academy from Mars and take it to a fringe world. Starfleet personnel have been assaulted on the streets of Mars with more and more regularity. A distinct anti-Starfleet vibe is prevalent everywhere on the planet.

Denchar Penal Colony

Dr Moset has released details of his study into the allegations of Black Blood Syndrome on the Denchar penal colony. “We have found no evidence that the BBS plague was ever present on the planet. The violence seen in the colony was a direct result of the loose policies of the Romulan Star Empire and the Federation. Penal colonies must not be allowed to run themselves. In every case where this happens the criminals become the government and the law. A law of violence and perversion. It is good this colony has been closed and we should look towards closing all such colonies.” With the all clear having been given, the Denchar Penal Colony and the Orion Mining Company alterium mines are being turned into a museum. Quark Enterprises has bought the rights to use the colony as a tourist attraction. They plan to build a five star hotel and casino and to offer tours of the Xebec’s Demise, the city that the prisoners lived in. Later plans will include underground tours of the undercity and the mines.

News Briefs - Episode 36

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