News Briefs - Episode 35

Hynerian Empire

Tension mount in the Chasoni system as the Hynerian Assault Cruiser, Flexion engaged and destroyed two Nebari carriers. The unprecedented show of force by the Hynerians is very unlike the normally subdued empire. The Hynerian Regent, Bishon, said, “The battle was unfortunate but necessary. The Nebari have been taking our ancestral systems for decades while the King failed to act. As Regent, I shall push our claims to the seven lost systems and regain some Hynerian honor.”

According to insider sources, the Hynerian King, Rigel XVI, was ousted in a military coup last month. It is unclear as to how much influence the Garidian Peacekeepers had in the coup, but it is well known that Bishon was educated in the Garidian Empire and has been very vocal about unification with the Garidian for some years now.

Rumors abound regarding the timing of the attack on the Nebari but some speculate that the timing is a result of a loss suffered by Bishon while attending a sports match on The Hall of Chaos. During a match of Chaos Chess between the Rotan Riders and an third tier team, Bishon lost nearly ten million lobi’s on a bet against an Andorian giant. The giant played the rook position and killed the famous Crookback Troll in a fast and furious battle. Witnesses nearby saw Bishon and the Nebari Ambassador, Kilios get into a very heated argument following the battle. Kilios demanded payment and Bishon appeared to renege on the bet. Kilios then threatened Bishon and left the arena. The next morning we received news of the attack in the Chasoni system.

The Hall of Chaos

The Oracle of Treis will be visiting the Hall of Chaos and as usual will receive seventy-two petitioners. She promises to answer one question of each petitioner. For those not familiar with the Oracle, she is considered the oldest and wisest person in all of the Hynerian Empire. Some claim she has lived for 10,000 years while others believe she has lived for millions. Whatever the case is, she seems to know everything about anything. Kings, generals, and rich merchants have given up fortunes and empires in order to ask her one question. She only comes to the Hall of Chaos once every 100 years and she answer 72 questions. She also take with her one of the petitioners to be her servant/concubine for a century. Baleer, the proprietor of the Hall of Chaos, is going to host spectacular games in order to earn a spot with the Oracle.

News Briefs - Episode 35

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