News Briefs - Episode 33


Klingon news sources reported the destruction of Maranga VI and Nuq’tal III. These planets were the homes of nearly 10 billion Klingons. Ships in the region tell of the Deathstar firing its massive planet killing weapon at these worlds.

Following the release of this news, the President of the Federation authorized the formation of a volunteer joint force to “go forth and destroy” the Deathstar. Admiral Yore was place in charge of the Joint Force and within hours of its formation, Ambassador Vader volunteered to serve and share his vast knowledge of the space station. All Starfleet personnel that wish to join this force are being released to do so, provided their position is not critical. The President of the Federation has also announced that criminals and people wanted by FIPA, who volunteer and serve with honor, will receive full pardons for all past crimes.

Ships and personnel from hundreds of worlds are signing up for what may be the greatest military exercise we have ever seen in this galaxy. The Klingon Empire announced that if any Federation fleet enters their space, it will be treated as an act of war. Admiral Yore responded, “Go around, we must. Destroy the battle station, we will.”

Citadel Station

Citadel Investigations has announced that they are offering a 1 million credit reward for information that directly leads to the return of their CEO Salma Hayek. Hayek was reported kidnapped from Khitomer while conducting diplomatic negotiations between House Martok and House Duras. It is believed that the notorious Karr was responsible for the kidnapping. The IKS T’qan captured Karr’s ship, The Twisted Knife, but the crew reported that they shoved Karr into an airlock and spaced him. The ship and crew are still in custody but it appears that there is not enough evidence to hold them. With both Karr and Hayek missing the search goes on.

News Briefs - Episode 33

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