News Briefs - Episode 32

Cardassia Prime

Ambassador Vader of The Empire, visited the Cardassian capitol today. He was accompanied by Starfleet Admiral Yore. The visit was to mark the opening of the newest Starfleet Academy which is located on Cardassia Prime. As with other Academy branches this campus is to be the home of the Starfleet Ranger School and the School of Linguistics and Communications. Based on the treaty of Indus IV, The Empire is providing seven professors to head up cross training between the Federation, Cardassia, and The Empire itself. Rumor has it that Starfleet Intelligence is running a special project with the aid of Ambassador Vader that will focus of training Starfleet personnel in esoteric combat techniques. One may wonder what an esoteric combat technique is but no one is talking.

The Wheel

In a daring gambit, The Farrakhan Bank and Casino was robbed today. Though information at this time is sketchy, it is believed that over 60 million T’chak were stolen. Identified from security tapes where several escapees from the Denchar Penal Colony. A’Dala Zim, a known assassin apparently killed nineteen security personal during the robbery. Others identified as escapees include the Klingon murderess, Jormu and the human traitor Joe Simmons.

The apparent leader though was the notorious Dr. Emille Bencarda. Using the station’s life support system, it is believed that Bencarda released a bioengineered virus that rendered most people on the station as little more than catatonic zombies. They then just walked in and took all that they desired. As you may recall from the trials of 2385, Dr. Emille Lazarus Bencarda was one of the Federation’s greatest bioengeneers until he was sentenced for treason during the Dominion War. After the invasion of Tress during the Empire War, he was liberated by Stormtroopers and joined the Imperials. He designed numerous viruses that would target Vulcans, Romulans, and Klingons but ignore other species. He also tailored specific genetic viruses that could kill a single family based on DNA but ignore all others. For these crimes he was sentenced to life imprisonment on Denchar Penal Colony.

Though not in the Federeration, FIPA is offering to assist in the apprehension of these notorious criminals. All station personel that survived the attack seem to have recovered from the virus.

News Briefs - Episode 32

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