News Briefs - Episode 31

Citadel Station

Arnold Jenkins, CEO of Vanguard Salvage, was arrested earlier today for his culpability in the Borgification of much of the station. After an intense investigation, it was determined that the areas affected by the Borgification that occurred earlier this year, all occurred in sections of the station where Vanguard Salvage had been contracted to perform work. Vanguard Salvage has been closed pending further investigation and trial of Mr. Jenkins. Three of Mr. Jenkins ships escaped Citadel under a hail of disrupter fire. The trial is set to begin in two weeks. If found guilty, Mr. Jenkins faces serious financial and criminal repercussions.

Drozana Station

All communication with Drozana station was lost earlier today following an unusual subspace anomaly that took the stations’ warp core off line for nearly three hours. It is unknown what exactly happened but “suddenly all the power just came back on,” said Johan Mitchell, the station’s chief engineer. “Power fulgurations are causing havoc on the station right now but we hope to have the problem resolved within a day or two.”


The wormhole that swallowed Andoria suddenly collapsed at 02:24 this morning.


The USS Metropolis lost all power and crashed into the atmosphere of Bajor just before dinnertime. The ship and all hands were lost as the vessel crashed into the city of Juntasa Main. The casualty count is still pending but it is believed that 40,000 people were killed. Starfleet and the BDF are both launching investigations.

News Briefs - Episode 31

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