News Briefs - Episode 3

Suraya Bay, Risa

Less than two standard hours after this morning’s secession of Risa was made official, jubilant anti-Federation protestors filled the streets of Suraya Bay’s busy merchant thoroughfare, celebrating the separation.

This morning’s Council session saw the formal departure of Risa from the United Federation of Planets. The world’s representatives, Ambissidors Li Shantik and Kor Senza, respectively, did not appear in the Council session, and instead tendered their resignations via a holographic proxy.

Risans from scattered territories and backgrounds converged in the city square, holding placards denouncing the UFP and celebrating their beloved Prime Minister. At least several Starfleet Security Officers were burned in effigy.

“Risa will now determine her own future,” said a proud First Minister Eliza Dushka via hologram to the Risan revelers. “Given the rampant hypocrisy of the United Federation of Planets, we were left with no choice. The current dispute over the various draconian laws recently passed in the Federation is just another in a long line of insults to the Risan people.”

Ambissidors Li Shantik and Kor Senza were not seen on Risa during the celebration, and are likely in-transit, returning from Terra.

The Chancellor’s Office was unavailable for comment, though these latest losses will most likely be addressed during tomorrow’s Council session.

Jul Santeros, Betazed

A powerful earthquake rocked Betazed’s most populous city yesterday, shattering many crystal edifices and prompting thousands to flee their homes and businesses. Officials have no immediate reports of casualties or damage, though estimated death tolls range in the thousands. The spaceport at the Horns was closed for over 12 standard hours. The quake had a preliminary magnitude of 9.1 standard and was centered in the mountains 5 kilometers west of Jul Santeros. Miraculously, the most famous structure, the Sanctum Inferium, sustained only light damage. Starfleet and FIPA are working jointly and will start directing supply ships and medical aid tomorrow.

News Briefs - Episode 3

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