News Briefs - Episode 28


Risan and Romulan officials have declared the pirate Alyr Cutter Toryn a priority in their ongoing sweep of criminals in the Risan Sector. Earlier this week, a fleet of pirate ships lead by Toryn and seconded by a newcomer on the crime radar simply known as Matt, attacked two cruise liners full of unarmed civillians. They crippled both ships and killed dozens of unarmed people during the raid. Toryn even raped an actress, who’s name is being withheld at her request, while his men held the captain and crew at gunpoint. Stolen was millions of credits in equiptment and personal effects of the crew and passengers. What makes this even more dastardly was the fact that two Federation Ambassidors, who were traveling incognito, were assassinated during the raid. Ambassidor Klizik and Ambassidor Korro were going to Risa to negotiate a peace accord with the Romulans and Risan governments. With these murders war with Risa and the Romulan Empire is almost a certainty.

Starfleet has announced that they will be forming a taskforce to huntdown Toryn and his band of cutthroats. Amazingly the Orion Syndicate has also announced that the pirate Toryn is a blight on the name of all pirates and will assist Starfleet in his apprehension.

FIPA has been granted access to the ships and are trying to figure out what the message painted in the holds of each ship means. THANOS was painted on the walls in the blood of murdered men. FIPA believes it may be a reference to a cult that has formed on Toryn’s ship. Since bloot cults have been on the rise in the uncharted territories, it is not unreasonable to assume that Toryn has joined one.

News Briefs - Episode 28

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