News Briefs - Episode 20

Citadel Station

The NSS Reaper has taken position at Citadel. According to Arnold Jenkins, CEO of Vanguard Salvage, “The ship is immense and is packing more firepower than an Imperial Star Destroyer. I spoke with some of the men coming across on shore leave and they informed me they were looking for Alyr Torin or anyone who is associated with him. It seems he is in the news all of the time these days and if I were him, I think I would head off to the Delta Quadrant or some other remote region of the galaxy.” The Citadel Council has said, “We remain neutral in this matter and Captain Toryn is always welcome here. We just ask that the Necromongers, Starfleet, and the Empire keep their man hunts off of our station.”


The United Federation of Planets has elected a new President. The former Deltan Ambassador, Kymba Sol, was elected in a landslide victory. During her acceptance speech she said, “It is time for the Federation to return to its roots and get back to exploration, salvation, and mediation. We have for far too long been transforming the Federation into a war machine. While the military arm of the Federation is needed for preservation, it must not be the focus. I am cutting funding to Starfleet by 40% and shall increase funding to the Diplomatic Corp by 100%. In addition, my first executive order shall be to end, once and for all, the repressive laws affecting genetically modified peoples. I am also ordering that all penal colonies be abolished. If we need to imprison someone, then they shall be placed in an actual prison where we can monitor them 24 hours a day. We are entering a new era a peace and prosperity. The time for conflict is over.” With this new appointment, the peoples of Risa are entertaining the possibility of returning to the Federation. It appears that President Sol shall shake up the status quo.

The Uncharted Territories (Mica Armstrong Reporting)

Imperial forces released holographic recordings of war crimes committed by Alyr Toryn and a Wookie by the name of Yundarr. Other infamous personages appeared in the recordings but it was these two that were shown raping and brutalizing political prisoners. In addition were sound recordings made upon their ship as they planned their nefarious deed. In the audio recordings one can clearly hear Toryn planning the rape of prisoners and others from his crew offering suggestions of brutalizations that could be filmed. All of the audio recordings released show the demented mindset of Toryn and his crew.

When one then looks at the horrifying holographic recordings showing the rapes and brutalizations of a Senator, a Princess, and General from various regions in the Imperial home galaxy, one begins to think about the merits of capital punishment. The callous nature in which these men execute a plan to sabotage and pirate ships is unprecedented.

Lt. Hasik of the ISS Zebick was the Imperial liaison with the nefarious Toryn. According to the interview he granted this reporter, “Toryn claimed he was filming a documentary about the Empire and the good it has brought to the Uncharted Territories. He asked to speak with prisoners to help build background of the story. By the time we discovered the truth, he and his men had wrought so much destruction on our fleet that we were unable to stop his escape.”

As our interview came to an end I was sharing a drink with the Lieutenant when a Rodian walked in and shot him in the face. The Rodian looked at me and said, “Cutter sends his regards.” Cutter is one of the many names Toryn is known by. Toryn is also known to travel with a Rodian male named Thuku who is quite famous as an assassin. I don’t know if this Rodian was Thuku but I suspect it was. I am appalled by all I have seen and discovered and I pray that the 501st is successful in tracking down this vile man. I am just glad I escaped with my life.

News Briefs - Episode 20

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