News Briefs - Episode 2


An assassination attempt on the Grand Nagus was thwarted by members of Starfleet who were engaged in commercial treaty negotiations. The only cassualties of the attempt were the wife of the Grand Nagus’s doctor and the assassin himself. Details are sketchy but more information is expected shortly.


The USS Ragnorok captured the infamous Starjammers today. After a brief chase, the pirates were apprehended and are now awaiting trial. Captain Arax PauPaub was quoted, “The scum didn’t even put up a fight. They have no courage and they surrendered without incident.”

The Romulan Neutral Zone

A planetoid in the Dunja System was discovered to have been destroyed. After investigation by the USS Nebraska, it was determined that the planetoid had been stripped of all natural resources. It is unknown who or what is responsible. Starfleet is investigation.

Citadel Station

Following a rash of rumors, the famed actress, Naomi Saturn, has purchased a share in Citadel Station and plans to make her home there. She was quoted as saying, “I need a man, a real man, and I figured that by settling down I might find one.” Cost of a share on the Citadel is upwards of 10,000 slips of latinum.


Speaker-With-Animals, the Ambassador for the Kzinti Hegamony, gave a stirring speech about the dangers of unification. His speech was met with shouts of anger and nearly caused a small riot in the Council chambers. Currently the UFP is attempting to bring the Kzinti into the fold of the Federation. Veterans of the Kzinti War are protesting in San Francisco and other Terran cities.


A security breach in the Vulcan Ministry of Defense is under investigation. Multiple explosions in a medical research lab were reported early this morning. Witnesses claim they saw a Human male and female running from Vulcan Security Forces. The pair of terrorists escaped in what appeared to be a ‘blue box’ which transported off the planet. It is believed their starship must have been cloaked. FIPA and the VMD are working together to uncover the purpose of this security breach.


The Orange Catholic Terrorist group known as the “Jedi Rising” detonated a 40 kiloton explosive device in the Dade Building at the UFP Embassy. Sixty people were killed and 118 wounded in the blast. In a recorded statement, the mysterious cloaked leader of the group said, “We will not stop until the Earth and all of it subject worlds revert back to a peaceful agenda. The Galactic Imperial State must be destroyed.”

News Briefs - Episode 2

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