News Briefs - Episode 19

The Uncharted Territories (Jane Echo Reporting)

Stories of an Imperial civil war are coming in from all parts of the Uncharted Territories. Ambassador Vader has been recalled to the Imperial stronghold. Grand Moff Tarkin has issued death warrants for Admiral Thrawn and the entire 91st Recon. Fleet. If just one of these stories is true, it spells an uncertain future for the Imperial forces within our fragile galaxy.

According to sources inside the Imperial Navy, Admiral Thrawn hired a mercenary team to sabotage the imperial shipyards. The leader of this team was none other than Alyr Toryn and his partner, a new comer to the galactic scene, Matt Carter. These two, along with their team of crack killers and assassins, struck fear into the heart of the Imperial Navy. According to best estimates, three star Destroyers were lost and seven others were severely damaged in the assault. It is believed they infiltrated the Navy by posing as movie producers and planted explosive charges throughout the many ships they visited. In addition, dozens of violent prisoners escaped during the chaos.

Grand Moff Tarkin has refused to comment on the matter but sources close to him claim that the 501st will be dispatching several commando teams to hunt for Toryn and his friends. Apparently Commander Karr and Captain Tarak, who escaped the Denchar Penal Colony with Toryn, were also involved in the attack. One is led to wonder if these killers are anarchists who hate all forms of government, or really a team working for a group like the dreaded Section 31. This reporter would like to know and gives fair offer to the hunted men. Contact me for an interview and I shall give you the chance to clear the air for all of the Alpha and Beta quadrants.

News Briefs - Episode 19

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