News Briefs - Episode 15


Contact has been made with an Empire beyond the wormhole that destroyed Andoria. The empire called the Necromonger Empire is blaming the Federation for the destruction of the Killios. Killios was destroyed when Andoria crashed into it through the tear in space and most life on both worlds was blasted into oblivion. From what we have learned of the Necromongers, they are a religious empire that zealously and violently follows and propogates its religion Necroism. An absolutely fanatic group that believes life from other universes is antagonistic to the natural state of their universe. They intend to convert or kill all who oppose them.

The Necromongers believe that each ’verse has its own god, that life is antagonistic to the natural order of the universe and must be purged from it to be reborn in the Underverse. The Underverse is their promised land, believing that unless a person dies “in due time” that they will not go to the Underserse. They also believe heavily in a phylosphy that says “you keep what you kill”, believing that ending anothers life entitles you to their property and position.

Starfleet has mobilized to set up a defensive front around the wormhole. Chancelor Hanzu Khan said, “We shall reach out with open arms to the Necromonger Empire and show them that life, regardless of its form, is natural and should be regarded as sacred. We are sending a deligation through the wormhole with the hopes that we can avert a war. The recent trajedy is far to great to be allowed to grow further. The lives lost must be honored, not politicized.”

Editor’s Note: The information about the Necromonger Empire was transmitted moments before correspondent, Alex Kinkaid was killed by a Necromonger soldier. We shall mourn his loss.

Starbase 217

Commodore PauPaub, announced that all efforts to hunt down the Heart of Gold and its crew are being suspended. “Based on information shared with us by the Imperial Government, the terrorist Jedi Jacen Daza is dead. Furthermore, before he expired he revealed evidence that the Heart of Gold and most of its crew were destroyed. This evidence was corroborated by Starfleet scientists that fought off the pirate crew shortly before the destruction of the ship by Black Blood Syndrome. Alyr Torin, XO of the Heart of Gold and a known criminal, was heard talking about the BBS outbreak and it is believed that the doctor of the ship was under orders from Torin to experiment in the weaponization of the disease. Operation Jet is done searching for these miscreants but warrants for the arrest of Torin and the other surviving crew members will remain active.”

Citadel Station (Jane Echo Reporting)

The news of the destruction of the Heart of Gold and most of its crew was met with cheers from many inside of Starfleet. This led me to look into the alleged traitor, Karr, with an eye on the truth. I tracked down many of his former shipmates, lovers, and even a few of his victims. The results of my investigation were both surprising and enlightening. First of all, Karr was accused of the murder and rape of a prominent Klingon family. He has always maintained his innocence and even Starfleet accepted his story while the Klingon Empire exiled him. After looking into the matter I discovered proof that Karr was set up by the Duras sisters and that all the evidence against him in this matter was little more than circumstantial. I have transmitted copies of the security tapes, which were thought destroyed, to the Klingon High Command and they have agreed to give Karr a fair trial. The caveat is that Karr must make it to Qo’noS by the year’s end or he shall be found guilty by failure to appear.

Further investigation led me to former Commander and famed fashion model Salma Hayek. As counselor aboard the USS Vanguard, Hayek had a close relationship with Lt. Commander Karr and reported that, “Karr is very misunderstood. He had assassins trying to kill him nearly every month he served with me. He was forced to turn the entire engineering section of the ship into a fortress. On top of that Commander PauPaub seemed to have it in for Karr and was constantly trying to have Karr kicked out of Starfleet. PauPaub believed the stories of Karr’s past and never gave him a chance. The final straw to ruin Karr was his friendship with Commander Malak. When Malak was found to be a Romulan spy, everyone in Starfleet just assumed Karr knew and was part of the conspiracy. On top of that the mass defection that occurred just after Karr’s arrest for tying to help a friend in need was just too much. I feel so bad for him that I often cry just thinking about it.” Miss Hayek had to excuse herself when I informed her that her husband was killed while serving with Karr onboard the Heart of Gold last month.

Another interesting interview was with one of Karr’s former lovers. I caught up with the famed actor, Romas Maal, on Citadel Station. Romas is most known for his role as “Colonel Max Awesome” in “Captain Proton vs. the Awesome Machine”. He said he was there to see the Miss Universe Pageant and was acting as an escort for one of the models. When the subject of Karr came up Romas lit up like a schoolgirl. He smiled and told me of a torrid love affair between him and Karr, a love affair that ended when Karr stormed off in a violent rage about some trivial matter. Romas said that Karr was the only MAN that he had ever experimented with and that Karr had taken and broken his heart. While homosexuality is common in the Federation, it is viewed very poorly in the Klingon Empire and when combined with all the other things in Karr’s past, it makes me wonder if this lost soul will ever find happiness.


The Orion Syndicate has announced that it is real and that it controls nearly all-criminal activities in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. This announcement came after a meeting of top Syndicate leaders in which each and every one of them that was not Orion was killed. The bloodbath was televised and the new leader of the Syndicate, whose name remains a mystery as does his image, sent word to all worlds that they shall pay Syndicate tribute or suffer mass crime like never seen before. FIPA has announced that this video is a hoax but they are still investigating its origin. The masked man who appeared in the video is going by the name of “Seprimus Maximus”. Word from numerous planetary governments is fueled with skepticism. We shall wait to see what the fallout is before speculating on the accuracy of this news.


In a meeting between Zhylaw, the leader of the Necromongers, and several Starfleet Ambassadors, a peace accord was struck. The agreement allows seven Necromongers vessels to travel through Federation territories in search of the man they call Apocalypse. This man, born of a world called Furya, is prophesized to be the death of the Universe. After exchanging information with Starfleet it was determined that the man is none other than the famed outlaw, Alyr Torin. Since Starfleet and FIPA already have warrants for his arrest, an extradition order was granted with extreme prejudice. It is believed that Torin is alive and living in the Uncharted Territories.


Shortly after the destruction of the Heart of Gold, Federation scientists partaking in the archaeological studies on Litigara discovered that several of the artifacts recovered from the Jedi ruins had gone missing. Though no one can be certain, it is suspected by several of the staff members (who wish to remain unnamed for safety reasons) suspect the surviving members of the pirate band led by the criminal Alyr Torin are responsible. One scientist cited that the felons had originally come to the planet with the express goal of pilfering the tombs and enslaving all of the Federation personnel on hand. Also stolen from the expedition was a Danube-class runabout, named the USS Nile. Authorities are on the lookout for any such artifacts appearing on the market, and will take the appropriate steps to bring the villains to justice.

News Briefs - Episode 15

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