News Briefs - Episode 13


In a stunning turn of events the Grand Nagus of Ferenginar and his entire staff and family were either arrested or killed this week. Content Not Found: Hagus_, cousin of _Content Not Found: Rom, the Grand Nagus, staged a military coup with very little violence. It is unknown if the former Grand Nagus is alive or dead but reports of his capture and imprisonment are rampant. Hagus has declared himself Grand Nagus and through his corporate power has the backing of the Ferengi Navy and Ferengi Marine services. All entry and exit from Ferengi space is currently forbidden under the new government and the millions of Refugees that are fleeing to the Federation are being accepted with open arms much to the chagrin of the new Ferengi government. Hagus stated in a televised speech, “Commerce shall be disrupted for only a few days and all shall return to normal. Ferengi everywhere can stand proud, knowing that we are no longer tainted by exposure to the Federation and their oppressive interference in our affairs.”

Denchar Penal Colony

With the recent reports of corruption, slavery, and violence surrounding Denchar, Starfleet has announced its plan to close the colony. An hour after releasing this news the Denchar system was invaded by a species calling itself the Arachnids. The Cardassian medical team ministering to the supposed outbreak of BBS was forced to flee and 1400 doctors and nurses were abandoned on the planet. Reports of 10-meter tall giant spiders invading the planet have not been confirmed. Energy signatures of the attacking vessels revealed the use of plasma and tetryon weapons. Starfleet is preparing a military response to the attack but refused to comment.

Commerce Planet 02

In another surprising development the commerce planet’s general assembly voted unanimously to legalize cannibalism. Criminals convicted of capital crimes will now be executed and their flesh sold as meat on the open market. Federation officials have taken up the cause and are asking for sanctions against the commerce planet.

News Briefs - Episode 13

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