News Briefs - Episode 11

Litigara [Jane Echo Reporting]

Renowned scientist, Dr. Jemhir el Kadin, reported that he had discovered a tomb in the famous Litigara ruins. The tomb is that of a warrior named Mandalore, and dates to about 1000 years ago. Within the tomb was found hundreds of Jedi relics as well as mnemonic devices with the histories of several amazingly large star empires in another galaxy. Dr. Kadin stated, “This might be the most important find in our history; it proves that contact with Galaxy 13491 occurred approximately 1,000 years ago, and that the other galaxy had already developed something very much like the United Federation of Planets. It also shows that the Jedi were at one time servants of the Galactic Republic and not the outlaws they have become today.”

Dr. Kadin is asking for Federation aid in protecting this discovery as two break-in attempts have already taken place.


The USS Cole was captured by the Risan Navy today. All hands have been taken prisoner and the location of the Cole is unknown.

Chancellor Hanzu Khan stated, “This is an act of war. When combined with the other actions the Risan peoples have taken against the UFP, we are left with little choice in the matter. We are creating a blockade around the two sectors that include Suliban and Risa. Any ships entering or leaving that space will be considered hostile, and Starfleet will act accordingly. I have pulled the USS Neptune from its prison detail and placed it in charge of the fleet that is managing the blockade."

Citadel Station

The infamous Admiral Thrawn has appeared again, this time at Citadel Station. Citadel Security personnel report that “Thrawn is allowing his crew shore leave and that they have been wonderful guests”.

Thrawn is known for his actions during the Battle of Terra, during which he ordered his ships to scorch nearly 25% of the planet, killing billions.

Commodore Arax PauPaub, Commander of Operation JET, remarked, “The presence of Thrawn at Citadel shall not stop my mission. We know the traitors and terrorists aboard the Heart of Gold were last seen at the station, and my fleet will arrive there shortly. Thrawn will either be diplomatic or face his own destruction. I do not fear the Empire – they were proven the weaker force in the war, and they will not stop my mission.”

Commodore PauPaub may seem hotheaded, but officers who have served with him have no doubt as to his ability. No comment could be gotten from the Admiral.

Commerce Planet 02 [Garidian Republic] [Adin Koller Reporting]

Murder and deceit are nothing new to this commercial planet, but today we must report that the famous porn star turned pirate, Alyr “Cutter” Torin, was witnessed murdering a dozen children. Torin, who is believed to be serving aboard the terrorist vessel, the Heart of Gold, is a wanted fugitive in the Federation, but the Garidian Republic has no extradition laws with the UFP. If the allegations are true, it is expected that the Garidian Expeditionary Force shall be dispatched to erase the child killer. The GEF is known for its “Shoot first and clean up the dust policy" when it comes to pedophiles and child abusers.

This reporter hopes that Torin gets what he deserves for his heinous crimes.


The temperance laws have been repealed after nearly seventy years. As such, nudity is now permitted in public places on all Klingon worlds. Furthermore, sexual promiscuity is at an all time high and Klingons are now being referred to as the sluts of the Galaxy. Dr. Jeg Egba says, "This new path the Klingon Empire has taken shall lead into dangerous territory. With the laws against abortion passed last year, and now the Temperance laws being revoked, we are looking at an empire where the family and clan values are going to collapse. I predict that in twenty years we shall see more fatherless children than ever before within the Klingon Empire. I also predict that these fatherless shall be considered clanless and shall become a part of the “Honorless”. I pray to the gods I am wrong."


The Romulan High Command announced that all laws regarding slavery have been repealed. Senator T’mok said, “It is time we return to our roots and the subjugation of lesser species. We have had a thriving underground slave market in the Romulan Star Empire for over a century but now we have made it legal. We shall see greater revenue as we tax the sale of chattel and we shall see greater morale throughout the empire as Romulans everywhere will be able to hand off menial tasks to their slaves.” The United Federation of Planets has announced its outrage about these developments and is asking all worlds to boycott the Romulan Star Empire.

News Briefs - Episode 11

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