News Briefs - Episode 10

Kalandra Sector

The USS Iroquois was attacked and nearly destroyed by terrorists and escapees from the infamous Denchar Penal Colony. The Heart of Gold, which has been in the news alot lately, laid a trap for the USS Iroquois and her escort of two Steamrunner class starships. A false distress call brought the Iroquois to the rescue of the known Jedi Cultist, Jacen Daza. Using a false name, Daza managed to infiltrate the Iroquois where he used his Force powers to mind control the security team. Once he raped the brains of the team, he used them to help him free the terrorist, Satele Keto. The Heart of Gold, hidden under a cloaking device, managed to close within 10 km of the Iroquois before it opened fire. The Bridge of the Iroquois was destroyed, by a photon torpedo, before the ship was able to raise shields. Though the escorts gave chase, The Heart of Gold managed to escape.

The USS Iroquois was the flagship of Admiral Yore who headed the Jedi hunting mission, Operation Jet. The Admiral was severely injured during the attack but is expected to recover. In the meantime, Captain Arax PauPaub, of the USS Ragnorok, has been promoted to Commodore and will lead the operation. PauPaub, who served with one of the traitors onboard The Heart of Gold said, “Karr is a vile vicious beast that is blood thirsty and tainted with evil. While I served with him he was responsible for more than sixty deaths onboard the USS Vanguard and nearly every one of them was crew. How he ever got into Starfleet is a mystery to me. How he avoided prosecution even more so.”

Denchar Penal Colony

The Heart of Gold struck again. This time they entered the Denchar Penal Colony under cloak and aided in the escape of more than 200 prisoners. The ship then launched a violent attack against the USS Neptune before escaping. Reports from the Citadel have been confirmed and the prisoners who escaped passed through that station before scattering to the winds. Captain PauPaub reported, “After examining the Runabout we captured in the Kalandra Sector, we now know the Heart of Gold was at some point working with the nefarious USS Vanguard. Though stripped of its registry and a false registry was used, many of the components of the vessel have been identified as coming from the Vanguard. With these heinous attacks comes a responsibility on the part of Starfleet. We must and will capture or kill these enemies of the Federation. Two attacks in under a month is a pattern that must be broken. I have dispatched thirty ships to the Citadel sector and they shall track down all who escaped and bring them in. More importantly, we shall focus on the capture of the Jedi Cultist, Daza, in addition to the traitors Karr and Tarak. Every expense and every resource shall be made available for this hunt.”

Ferenginar (Jane Echo Reporting)

Lt Commander Kye Kula was released from the custody of the crew of The Heart of Gold where he had been a prisoner for more than a week. He claims to have been treated well by his captors and that they had a number of slaves on their ship. “I was surprised that they treated me so well and yet they kept people in bondage as slaves. It is inhumane to force people into servitude. Though they had respect for me as an enemy combatant, their treatment of other sapient peoples as chattel was monstrous,” said Kula to this reporter. After being debriefed by Starfleet Intelligence, Kula is expected to be transferred back to the USS Iroquois from which he had been captured.


Investigations into the disaster at Andoria have turned up little. The planet of Andoria is gone and the sun is being swallowed by a newly formed black hole. Starfleet is scrambling to protect itself from another possible attack. The Chancellor of the Federation said, in very heated tones, “This is the kind of destruction we were warned about. While consulting the holodata modules recovered from the USS Vanguard, prior to their turning traitor, we discovered the history of the Galactic Republic and how force weapons were used by the Jedi to destroy whole worlds in a similar manner. Though the proof is not there, the evidence is apparent. We must hunt down these monsters and wipe them out of existence before they wipe us out.”

Risan and Sulaban Sectors

The entire Risan and Sulaban sectors have pulled away from the UFP and are declaring independence. Calling themselves the Briar Coalition, they have issued demands for the withdraw of all Starfleet Vessels and peoples who claim loyalty to the UFP. Dozens of reports have come in claiming to have witnessed a battle between several Starfleet vessels and unknown vessels. The reports claim that nine Starfleet vessels were destroyed in the exchange and that two more fled the engagement. Starfleet has refused to comment. All subspace communication into and out of the sectors seems to be suffering from interference. With this latest withdraw, the Security Council has issued orders to mobilize the Starfleet Marines. Tens of thousands of Marines that had retired, have received orders to report within 24 hours.


The Romulan High Command issued this statement today; “After listening to the threats and innuendo from the United Federation of Planets over the past three months, we have made the unilateral decision to withdraw from the UFP. Furthermore as of August 1 this year, by the Terran calendar, we shall be withdrawing from nearly all treaties that have been signed with the UFP as well as any member nations of the UFP. All Starfleet vessels must withdraw from our space and any found in Romulan space after August 1 shall be considered hostile and treated as such. The Neutral Zone Treaties shall be recognized and any entry into the Neutral Zone by the UFP shall be considered an act of war. Lastly we have dispatched two fleets to the Risan Sector to aid in the liberation of the oppressed peoples in that region. They shall remain until the Risan government asks them to leave.” The Security Council and the Chancellor of the Federation have failed to comment on this matter but a press conference is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Starfleet has recommended that all civilian ships in the region return immediately to Federation space.

News Briefs - Episode 10

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