News briefs -Episode 1

United Federation of Planets – Geveva, Terra

Chancellor Hanzu Khan met with Ambassidor Vader of the Galactic Empire today. Following the meeting the two posed for reporters and stated that “a greater peace will be maintained and the mistakes of the past shall be undone.” Ambasidor Vader will be visiting sites on Terra and then making a trip to Andor before returning to an undisclosed location within the Uncharted Territories.

Romulan Star Empire – Remus

Today, General T’loran of the Romulan Imperial Navy reported that a horrible mining accident happened on the Remus. 100,000 dead and nearly 250,000 are reported as missing. Sensor readings of the planet indicate some kind of seismic disturbance and more deaths are expected.


Former Cardassian General, Kazar, was found dead in his hotel room. Police report that he had been tortured and finally beheaded. The death is being blamed on Maquis rebels. No suspects have been arrested


The Jedi terrorist, Hazanna was captured today by Betazed Psicops. Hazanna is wanted for questioning about several bombings on Betazed. The trial will be public but a swift sentence to a penal colony is expected.

Denchar Penal Colony

A mass escape from Denchar Penal Colony happened earlier today. Seven blockaDe runners entered the system and proceeded directly to the planet. The USS Neptune moved to intercept and a battle ensued. The runners were heavily armed and scored significant damage of the Neptune but the Neptune was able to destroy five of the enemy ships. Sensors detected hundreds of transporter beams being used to grab people from the prison city of Xebec’s Demise. It is unknown just how many of the dangerous prisoners escaped but conservative estimates put the number around 600. Captain Brass of the USS Neptune said, “We are mobilizing a massive hunt and Starfleet is posting a 10,000 credit reward for the capture of each escapee.”

News briefs -Episode 1

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