Narendra III

The planet of the Klingon High Court. It is here that all major court cases in the Klingon Empire are held. The Triumvirate of Judges decides the cases and throughout the Klingon Empire the Triumvirate’s word is law.

A starship construction facility orbits the planet as well as K-17, a Klingon military base.

Interesting note:

Despite tensions between the Klingons and the Federation, the starship Enterprise-C intercepted the distress signal and proceeded to the Narendra system at maximum warp. By the time the vessel arrived at Narendra III, the Klingon outpost had been almost completely destroyed, and although the Enterprise was equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry and defenses, it was simply no match for the combined destructive power of four Romulan warbirds. Realizing that defeat was inevitable, the crew nevertheless led a valiant effort to protect the Klingons, engaging the warbirds in a fierce battle. After several long minutes of intense fighting, the Enterprise eventually succumbed to its wounds and was destroyed.

During the battle, the detonation of a photon torpedo created a temporal rift, which threw the Enterprise-C 22 years into a future where the Federation and the Klingons were at war. The displacement of the Enterprise-C created an alternate timeline in which the Klingons interpreted the Starship’s disappearance as a cowardly withdrawal and prompted a rapprochement with the Romulans. Upon realizing that their defense of Narendra III – though doomed – would convince the Klingons that the Federation was “honorable,” the Enterprise-C returned to 2344 through the rift and the proper timeline was restored.

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