Matt's Personal Log - Episode 50

It’s been some time since my last log I know. It took a little while to recuperate from the injuries I’d sustained. This is to be my final log, as well, as I no longer wish to leave bread crumbs for others to follow me.

Let’s see, I believe I left off having gotten free from the Imperial prison block on what I thought was the Death Star (but which in fact turned out to be simple a Star Destroyer). Our first goal, after treating our wounds of course, was to check other cells in the hope of finding survivors from the Federation ship that had rescued (captured) us after a little jaunt through space.

Unfortunately, we only found two allies, one a Federation engineer, the other a brigand like ourselves. No matter; as always we worked with what we had. The next task we set ourselves toward was finding a transporter (there was no doubt in our minds that by now the Imps would have taken to using this technology) – in this we failed. Something in the Imperial engines interferes with transporters, making their use exptremely dangerous for personnel. We did manage to find an industrial transporter, though, since whatever inteference the engines were giving off didn’t disrupt the lesser calibration needed for non-living matter.

Our plan was shot. We looked at each other with resignation in our eyes. Even with our vaunted prowess, the five of us would be no match for the legions of stormtroopers and naval personnel the Imps could throw at us, on this ship alone. We had no way of taking the ship (and this would be the first time I’d ever failed at such an undertaking). We shrugged and shook hands, giving silent farewell to one another as we set ourselves to the only thing we could do.

Karr set about working on the transporter we had, cutting it off from the central controls and power supply, ensuring that the crew of the vessel wouldn’t be able to stop us remotely. While he did his work, Alyr and I did ours: setting up the defenses that would be very shortly needed. When Karr had finished his task, we armed the thermal detonators we had appropriated from the troopers we’d already defeated and placed them on the pads. Karr then set about beaming these bombs throughout the ship, using the computer to help place them randomly. Through some engineering magic of his, Karr was able to continuously replicate these bombs using the transporter buffer. Suffice it to say that the damage we were inflicting was proving to be enormous.

Of course this brought the defenders, sooner than I would have liked. Alyr and I weathered the strom (he more than I), giving Karr as much time as we could to allow him to wreak as much mayhem as would be possible. Between waves we treated our injuries and took powercells and grenades to ready for the next attack. Time and again we repulsed the Imps, but eventually (and all too soon), sheer numbers pushed us back to our second, third, and final lines of defense. Karr helped when he could, but his time was best served defeating their engineers’ attempts to stop the transporter’s constant unending supply of explosives.

In what I can only describe as the final assault (as I had no reason to believe I or the others would survive it), the action was brought to a brief stall as a terrific CRACK was heard throughout the vessel. Then the great ship shook and we could feel the hull twist as one set of bombs finally struck a mortal blow. Apparently (as I was told later) one of our deliveries had found the console that maintained the containment on the ship’s main engine. When that console blew, the engine soon followed suit and cracked the ship in half, sending the nose hurrling toward the ringworld and the aft (including the bridge and all of it’s command staff) flying toward the Death Star. Then Alyr started firing again, and soon the fight was underway once more (though I’d say with far less fervor on hte Impies’ part). Then I took a blast in the chest, I heard a buzzing in my ears, and everything went dark.

When I awoke, it was to find myself in my bed on the Glory Road. My entire crew was here, including Inara. They’d come back for me and somehow had managed to work the Guild’s engine to do so. I’m still confined to my quarters and no one’s really answering my many questions, so I can’t say yet whether Karr and Alyr were rescued as well. I hope so. The only thing I know for now is that we’ve gotten away. Where to? That I won’t say, but if you keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the newfeeds, you may be able to figure it out someday.

As much as I’d like to think it’s time to retire, something tells me that the honest life will eventually become to stagnant, and when that day does come I’m sure the galaxy will once again hear tales of the Libertines.

Matt's Personal Log - Episode 50

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