Matt's Personal Log - Episode 49

This may be my final entry. Not by choice, mind you – but things are really starting to look bad. I guess Alyr can be happy – he wanted to attack the Death Star, and here we are! Of course our strategic situation could be a little better, ‘cause while I’m no General, I got a feeling that starting out in the brig and being tortured wasn’t what Sun Tzu would have suggested as a means of beginning a battle!

The beginning of this whole SNAFU started back on the Forge. Karr’s mother – which turned out to actually be a very convincing hologram (I had originally thought it to be a ‘replicant’ biodroid) – had given him some tasks to do. Though only mostly his fault (some of the instructions were cryptic to say the least), he managed to fail them in short order. So of course when we arrived back on the Forge, we were informed that we had bungled the whole thing and that the station was in self-destuct mode. Karr immediately went to finish the final task in the hopes of averting the sequence, and I don’t know what I was thinking but I went to help him. You see, our ultimate goal was to stop the Imps from gaining control of the station, and the destruction of it would have met that goal admirably. We – being us – were now endeavoring to stop the destruction of the station in order to take control of it so the Imps couldn’t do so. Logical? No. But what can you expect? (In our defense, Alyr was so caught up in whatever he was doing that it never occured to him to stop us either.)

You of course know how the result of this whole thing was going to happen, right? Of course we managed to succeed at the final test, which did end the self-destruct sequence. It did not, however, give us any command functions of the station (as I stated above, we’d already screwed that one up completely). We tried a few things but none of them worked, so Alyr and I blasted the hologram (at the time we thought it was a bioroid, remember) in the hopes of gaining access to the command functions via her circuitry. Obviously, this didn’t work and she disappeared as disrupted holograms are wont to.

Next, we figured on blasting out of the room, ‘cause we were not going to go back through the maze-o-deathtraps. Picking the wall opposite the entrance to the maze seemed like a good idea (at which point experience should have told us to rethink ourselves) – Alyr went over and prepared to do some hong kong phooey on it. He struck and passed clean through the wall; I immediately followed him, and apparently Karr immediately followed me. Any guesses as to where we found ourselves? No? Okay, I’ll tell you…

Space. As in the ‘Big Suck’, the ‘Black’, the ‘Big Nothing’…

Whatever happened next was a blur to me, since unlike Alyr’s people, humans aren’t cut out for that particular environment. I vaguely recall shooting at the wall and the shot rebounding (like it was magnetically sealed), and then either I or Karr used his phaser to degauss the wall and tried again. Like I said, it’s all really a blur from that point on. I do remember getting transported aboard a Federation vessel (I forgot to mention the massive battle between the Imps and Feds, didn’t I? Well, there was one…), and say what you will about ’em, at least they gave us medical treatment.

THe next thing I knew I was in an Imp prison cell. The previous occupant hadn’t fared too well, as was evidenced by his rotting corpse still in habitation. Then the Imps showed up and proceeded to question me – vigorously. At this point let me just say that torture works: I was spilling my guts on any subject they wanted to know about and a few they didn’t even care about, anything to make the pain stop! Problem was, they didn’t really care about the answers – they just wanted to play a little with the new toy.

At some point I tried to claim being a jedi. See, I’d heard that the jedi worked with the Imps and I was hoping to get some preferential treatment. Man, was I wrong! I got special treatment alright! Things started to get worse. Then I heard a commotion in the hallway outside the cell – apparently Alyr and Karr had gotten loose from their cells somehow. I saw an opening and took it, and managed to disable one of the troopers in my cell, and distracted the other one by managing to get shot, which allowed Alyr to finish the other one.

I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but at least we’re attacking the Death Star! Cutter might get his wish after all, even if it is the last thing any of us ever do.

Matt's Personal Log - Episode 49

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