Matt's Personal Log - Episode 43

Karr’s procrastination has brought us to what can only be described as a death trap – I’ve got no other words for where we find ourselves. The transit card sent us to a cubical room, as I described in my previous log entry. Each room so far has had six exits out of it, each one with a three digit number. Of the six exits in the first room, only one was a prime number, so that’s the one we decided to take. We continued in that pattern for many rooms, with no problem – until one occured (isn’t that always the way?).

I forget exactly what occured (there have been many more incidents since), but the deadly capabilities of the labyrinth we found ourselves in reared their heads – Inara was gravely injured, to the point where I don’t know whether she’ll survive. At one point we hit a series of traps that took us from our chosen course of primes – I don’t know whether or not that doomed us to failure, but that hardly seems to matter any more.

Karr’s utter lack of regard or accountability for our circumstances actually pushed me over my limits – I shot the fucker, more than once. I wanted to kill him, truly I did, but in that regard at least I managed to keep my temper, and kept my pistol on its stun setting. (What the hell – even on stun that thing kicks like a mule!) Then Thanos stepped in – Thanos, the guy that we all know is a mass murderer with no reservations whatsoever, he steps in and asks me what the hell I’m thinking!? I blew up; I don’t even remember what was said, but in the end I realized I’d shot Karr and had better figure out real quick what my ultimate intentions were. After all, I’d seen Karr do unspeakable things to other people for far more insignificant transgressions against him than I had just done.

The decision was taken from my hands, however, when I spoke my concerns to Thanos. That insane sunovabich drew his gun, walked over, and shot Karr in the head! Then, before I could really register what had just occurred, he ‘popped’ out (I must confess I’d forgotten he had that thing on him). So I was left with a dead Karr and a massively injured Inara, with no real way of moving her.

I should mention at this point that we had determined we were on the edge of the structure, since one of the exits opened on empty space. In the (incredibly far) distance, we’d seen what might be an umbilical linking the labyrinth with another structure. I was of a mind to attempt a free climb on the outside of the labyrinth, which would have almost certainly meant my death and would have ensured Inara’s as well as I wasn’t going to attempt the climb with her slung over my shoulder. Thanos returned at that point, however, to collect Inara and Karr’s body (as it turned out, Karr wasn’t dead – don’t ask me how). He invited me back to the ship with him, to which I almost declined due to my anger and frustration.

My instincts for survival proved to be stronger than my stubborness, and so I find myself back on the Starlight. I’ve been keeping to myself since returning – truth be told every fiber of my being is screaming at me to get back to the Glory and pop out of here. To get away from the Imperials and to find a place to settle down and make a new life for myself. I say find a place because I can’t go back to Citadel, not with the Borg invasion going on. The home I’d thought I’d made is gone now, as is every peron I’ve known – other than the crew I find myself with now.

My luck’s gotta change at some point.

Doesn’t it?

Matt's Personal Log - Episode 43

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