Matt's Personal Log - Episode 41

Man, sometimes life just leaves a big heaping pile of burning shit on your doorstep, and the only thing you can do is stomp it out. Take our current predicament for instance. I finally get to the ringworld and guess what?! Only the frelling Death Star shows up with all of its frelling fighters and shoots us down! I’m blaming Alyr for this one; he’s the guy who wanted his chance to blow the thing up – guess we didn’t do so hot on that item, huh?

Let’s see – it all started off pretty straightforward. We were taking some readings – the usual stuff for surveys and all – and looking for an interesting place to make our first camp. The biggest draw was the one ocean we were near; biggest body of water I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a couple of worlds that didn’t seem to have any land masses! Anyway, this ocean had a full-scale copy of blessed Earth, just lying there waiting for me to go see what new and strange developments had occurred on this distant artifact. And then, just a ways off from what I would call the east coast of Australia, we see a copy of Andoria. A ways! Columbus didn’t kno whow good he had it when he discovered the ‘New World’! Anyone leaving that ‘Earth’ and sailing to that ‘Andoria’ would take several years at least to reach that new world.

Right, back to getting shot down. Like I said, we were scanning and had decided to hit the Andoria we saw below. I had just headed back to the Glory when the ship shook and Thanos was calling me back to the bridge of the Nyarlarthotep. Upon my return, there it was in all it’s glory – the Death Star! Thanos had immediately turned to run (quite correctly) but it and the hundreds of TIE fighters were gaining on us. So, after a brief discussion with Thanos about why we couldn’t outrun them, we decided to pop out and rethink our approach. Only as sson as I’d done the quick calculations needed and was prepared to implement them, something just sorta yanked the warp core right out of the ’hotep! It was right about then that we started to fall toward the surface of the ring.

No core meant no popping – at least for all of us. With the fighters still closing (quickly), Thanos ordered all hands to abandon ship. ’Course the dumbass decided to try and land his ship, but apparently no power equals a somewhat uncontrolled plummet. The Glory had to blast our way out of the hangar, but after that we really had no problems reaching the surface, where we took some cover in a forest clearing and went to minimal power to help avoid detection. I even took a look outside through the dorsal hatch and was able to see the Death Star with my eyes – damn but that thing is big!

the forest was inhabited by ursinoid bipeds, apparently in a paleoithic stage of technology, to judge by their use of spears. They turned out to be a shy people, and so far have not been a threat. We did manage to discern where Thanos had brought down his ship and pick him and his officer Braz up – Karr and the Knife had gotten there first, and when we arrived Karr was formulating plans to convert the ’hotep into some kind of fortress until we could manage gathering all the surviving crew. See, that’s the thing about this place – all of your proportions get thrown out of whack! It took a while to explain to Karr that they could be scattered as far as the opposite side of the ring, but even if they weren’t, the thing is a million miles wide! As far as I’m concerned, whoever we don’t find in the next week or so (maybe a month) is on their own.

We got back to the Glory where eventually Alyr and the Starlight joined us. My crew had determined to have a camp out while we were gathering Thanos and what the hell? We’d survived so why not have a little break – though not so much that I wasn’t totally distracted since at the time I was still uncertain as to the friendliness of the natives. Next morning we were given the news that an Imperial detachment was on approach to the wrecked Nyarlarthotep. A quick meeting later and we decided to follow in a cloaked ship and check things out, and possibly gather some intel on what esactly the imps were doing here. I’d offered to use my shuttle but Karr wanted to use the Knife; since he and his crew are more used to operating under cloaked conditions I didn’t argue too much (plus it kept my shuttle safe).

As we expected, the Imps were scavenging what they could. There wasn’t much to learn by watching, so we figured we’d transport one of their ranking members up for a little sit-me-down discussion. There were two candidates, one of which we beamed up – Alyr and a sec squad of Karr’s subdued him quickly before stripping him (literally) and placing him in the brig. I tried to question him but the guy wasn’t talking (at least to me). I left him to the tender mercies of Karr and Alyr and made my way back to the bridge where I waited with Thanos for news – which turned out to not be much. Basically, the Imps were here to scavenge what they could, and possibly find a new place to live since they couldn’t return to their own homes (I guess they hadn’t gotten word of that one wormholes potential yet).

I don’t know what they did with the prisoner, and really didn’t have too much time to ponder his fate. As we got close to the clearing where the rest of our crews were waiting, four ships of unusual design ‘buzzed’ the camp site and started to turn back. Now, I wasn’t worried so much as I’d left the Glory under orders to be ready to move if needed (not to mention the fact that they are professionals at what they do). However, Karr has a bit of a protective streak in him when it comes to the people he considers his, so these ships were about to get the equivalent of Karr’s ‘welcome wagon’. He was barking orders to his crew to engage when I left the bridge – I figured I’d hang out with Thanos on his shuttle (which had been in Karr’s hangar since we’d picke him up the day before). Alyr, who was of more use than I was in this kind of a fight (well, any kin of fight really), ecided to stay and pitch in where he could.

I can’t really describe the battle that took place; I was in the hangar, in a runabout with Thanos, an partaking of a particularly good batch of beer he’d made. I can say the Knife was being battered about if all the shaking and rocking was anything to go by. I don’t know what the deciding moment was, but eventually Thanos turned his ship’s phasers on the hangar doors so that we could join the fight (comms were down or we’d have called for them to be opened). We launched just in time to see one of the Knife’s warp nacelled get blown off and one of the attacking ships disintegrate under Karr’s return fire. We could only watch as the Knife spiralled into the ground and the sole surviving attacker sped away.

The crash was spectacular – it must have gone through two cartwheels as its remaining nacelle snagged the ground before coming to a stop against a low hill. By the time Thanos had landed, we were only reading one life sign on sensors. That turned out to be Karr – who was a bit touchy if I can say that without being too heartless. He wasn’t the only survivor however – the others had contacted the Starlight and had beamed away as soon as they were able. Other than Karr, only Alyr, Knox, and K’Trina survived that battle (other than Thanos and myself of course).

Knox and K’Trina are in sickbay right now, and Karr and Alyr are not in much better shape. We’re going to take a few days to gather our wits about us before we determine our next course of action. In the meanwhile, we’re all ready to strike out at a moment’s notice should the Imps decide to return.

One thing keeps playing in my mind, over and over – ‘Be careful what you wish for…’

Matt's Personal Log - Episode 41

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