Matt's Personal Log - Episode 39

I finally have a direction to go! After all of this time looking for anything that could point me in the direction of the ringworld, getting Ambassador Tavana away from Federation custody has paid off! The good Ambassador was able to introduce me to two Klingon Admirals who had the data I was looking for – the Niven Sector. No, don’t ask me how I managed to miss a sector with that name throughout all of the research I’ve done – I don’t know. But, now I have the name and can begin the search in earnest; with the Glory’s sensors, one sector shouldn’t be too difficult to search for a massive non-natural object. I was warned about the Puppeteers, but I’ll deal with that bridge when I get to it.

I suppose I’m getting ahead of myself. As indicated above, we did manage to liberate Karr’s friend, Ambassador Tavana. Our escape brought us to Karr’s newest property, Atlas Station. The rest of the guys wanted to transport right over, but I refused to koin them after they denied my idea about scanning the station for lifeforms before doing so. Kinda glad I took that stance – after the boarding party beamed over, they were immediately captured by the 400-odd residents (pirates and brigands all), and they discovered a curious side-effect of using a transporter in this system – seems the fungal-lifeform of the satellite orbitting the planet gets caught up in the transporter beam and has a strong possibility of infecting whomever is being transported. We (by which I mean Karr) lost two Gorn crewmen to this phenomenon.

Anyway, while they were dickering around with the inhabitants of the Station over ownership and improvements to be made, I was talking to the Ambassador. When I learned she could possibly get me the information I outlined above as soon as she could be returned to Quo’nos, I offered my services as a Navigator to her (at which point I learned that the Guild and the Klingons are at war for some reason, and that I should keep my affiliation under wraps – works for me).

We got to Quo’nos shortly thereafter, where we all had some luck. I told you what I got earlier. Alyr got some information regarding his pipe dream of attacking the Death Star – at least he seemed pleased with what he learned. Karr ran into an old freind, Tarak, and got him to sign on as the business manager of Atlas Station. (I thought the plan was to have Galaxina run the place so she could monitor Tarak’s ‘business practices, but it’s Karr’s station, not mine.) I even managed to get several women in the ‘entertainment’ industry to agree to moving their business to Atlas.

Next thing on the agenda will be making certain there are plenty of supplies on the ship, and begin working on the navigational calculations. That’s going to require a pop to Gren-ga-Tharg (which is a system I know), and then a normal flight the 2 or so sectors out-bound from the Klingon Empire to find the Niven Sector. Once we’re in the vicinity, we’ll set up a search pattern and starting scanning. Shouldn’t be too long now!

(The new girl, Inara? No news on that front yet – but she still likes beer apparently!)

Matt's Personal Log - Episode 39

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