Matt's Personal Log - Episode 38

Well, we finally left the Grand Hall of Gambling (or whatever it is they call it); great place – I’ll definately be visiting it again in the future (even if I wasn’t bound to do so contractually).

I’d won a decommissioned scouting runabout and a cloaking device suitable for use in it while gambling with our host, Baleer (he seems to be the guy running the whole joint, and is without a doubt one badass motherfreller). Karr and some others helped me get her ship-shape while we waited for some of the individuals we’d ‘obtained’ from Baleer to recuperate in the station’s hospital.

I’d requested the individual that Hecate’s image matrix had been based on, and was a bit surprised when she turned out to be a blank clone (I’m not really certain what that might imply about our former travelling comrade). The doctors on station informed me that she appeared to be based on a Sebacean template (Sebaceans are apparently close analogs to Humans, though not identical, and originate in the Unknown Territories – though the Garidian Empire currently hunting Alyr are also Sebaceans). After I asked that she be given RNA treatments that would teach her Standard and enable her to communicate with us, the doctors inquired whether she should be given any other ‘programming’. I picked out some options, which took a little over a week to set in, coinciding with our maintenance on the shuttle.

After everything was ready, we squeezed into the ship and headed to Citadel. Thankfully the trip was a short one (twelve people on a shuttle with a 14-person capacity gets pretty crowded in a hurry – especially when one is a captive and another two are slaves). Once we’d arrived on Citadel, about half left to go their own way; Karr, of course, ‘freed’ Salma, and Becky went off to do some reporter-type things. Gauto and Alyr had arrived at some sort of an accord, and so he was free to go as well. Galaxina left to head back to DS9, though not before entertaining our offer to have her manage Atlas Station when we got it to where we hoped to get it (but those plans are for another time).

Our next destination was then to be Atlas Station, but we got sidetracked (go figure). Long story short, a friend of Karr’s was in trouble (again, go figure); she’d been arrested by Karr’s favorite Starfleet Officer, a Tellarite by the name of Paupaub, on trumped-up charges of espionage. We figured we’d break her out of jail, thereby setting things right and at the same time putting the name of the Libertines back into the public eye (at some point during this planning stage, Karr symbollically ripped up the Federation pardon he’d obtained; who says Klingons don’t have a sense of irony?).

We’re currently on Drozana, waiting for the rest of the crews to arrive along with our ships (it’ll be good to see the Glory Road again!). Karr and Katrina are arguing over the slave he kept. Alyr’s constantly telling stories of all the good times he had back at Gambling Central. And after all the travelling and talking I’ve had with Inara (the clone) over the last several weeks, I’ve discovered she really likes beer! Gods it’s good to be back on the road again…

Matt's Personal Log - Episode 38

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