Matt's Personal Log - Episode 35

Yeah, it’s been a while since my last log – get over it. I’ve been doing some celebrating since we won (well, survived) the ‘Grand Tournament’. ‘We’ being myself, Chi, Thanos, and Karr. The rest of our group – Tom, Bima, and Tana – didn’t survive the experience. Thanos and Karr seem to be taking it hard; harder than I would have expected. Thing is, we all knew the risks and volunteered for that crazy (read ‘stupid’) race, all in the hopes of winning a question from the Oracle of Whatsis so that we could sell it and make a bloody (literally in this case) fortune.

Just under 60 of the 72 available spots were filled – I still don’t quite understand what had happened at the end. I thought we were told that each leg had a time limit to complete it in, but that the last leg would be ended when the first 72 had crossed the finish line. Apparently that was not the case, as evidenced by the man I witnessed getting turned into a fine red mist as he was mere meters away from finishing when the final whistle blew. That kinda sucked, and was made worse when those of us who finished realized our friends and companions hadn’t finished. So that night we mourned their loss and celebrated our victory and survival.

Now we’re fielding various offers for the prize we won, and some of those offers are truly outlandish – dimenensional teleporters, spatial teleportals, termporal teleporters, offers to kill people, offers not to kill people. You name it, we’ve probably gotten an offer along those lines. One guy even offered the command codes to a Niven Ring World! That’s intrigued me to say the least. Command codes? What could that entail, I wonder. Ships, stations – even a planet and its population has been offered. All of it’s truly mind boggling – and it’s starting to make me wonder what kind of questions could be asked that’s worth this kind of treasure. Obviously, the general consensus is that the right question could bring you all sorts of power – I guess the problem is, coming up with the right question. If you don’t, you’ll probably wind up with an answer like ‘42’.

I guess I need to figure out whether I want to use the question I have or sell it, and if I sell it, what do I sell it for? Oh well, I have a day or two to figure it out. In the meantime I’m gonna relax a little more, recover from that ordeal, and play a few slot machines every day. I’ve got a feeling that the next chapter in this life of mine is going to prove to be quite interesting.

Matt's Personal Log - Episode 35

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