Matt's Personal Log - Episode 24

Well it’s been quite a while since I last took the time to enter data into this log. A lot’s happened, and I’m not going to try to go over all of it. Suffice it to say that some bad things have happened, some good things have happened, and some strange things have happened (depending of course on your point of view).

One of the most recent developments was running into Chey. That happened right after we ran into a duplicate Starlight, only this one looked like it had been involved in some sort of firefight. Being low on some supplies, we (and by we I mean the captain) decided to board her and see what we could find and/or discover. The good news? It only seemed to be haunted. The bad news? There was something called a borg on board. The worst news? YunDarr got ‘infected’ by the borg and the whole thing turned out to actually be a trap set for Alyr by a ‘necromonger’.

The captain killed the necromonger, but YunDarr’s condition continued to worsen (to the point of actually infecting the Starlight with little-bitty borg bits). That’s what brought us to the planet where I ran into Chey – there was a high-tech medical facility that we thought could help him out after we managed to remove the borgified bits from his body (and I swear I never anticipated that the process would actually remove almost half of his body). Well, while we were waiting for the news on the big furball, me and the fellas decided to hit a couple of strip clubs (hey, everyone grieves in their own way, don’t judge me). We’d had a few, and decided to partake of some of the working girls, Lo and behold, I wound up with Chey. Seems she’d started turning tricks to make ends meet – she’s changed a bit since we were abducted, but hey, I probably have as well.

As it turned out, she was working on a job for a local crime boss by the name of Niska. She needed to steal a safe, and with our help she figured it would go easier. Since we’re always looking to make an easy buck, we decided to help. Karr and I figured out a way to modify the industrial transporter to work within the planet’s atmosphere, and with a few transport enhancers, we were able to beam out not only the safe, but a few additional nick-nacks as well. Six of these additional prizes were Six’s sisters (making for a grand total of 7, though we learned later that there are seven more of them somewhere in the galaxy – our only lead so far is a mention of a space station – K-7 – where one was last seen).

Anyway, we did the job and got paid. Afterwards, Cutter had us drop hip back at Londinium so that he could continue the negotiations – turns out an old friend of his is our competition. Too bad, ‘cause that ’friend’ is the effin’ bastard that held Nova at gunpoint when she, Thanos, Karr and I had been taken captive to be sold as slaves. That old friend of Cutter’s – Barty I think he said his name was – is going to meet an accident of sorts when I run into him next.

After dropping Cutter off, the rest of us tried to figure out what to do in our spare time. Since I was acting captain (Cutter had made me his First Officer), I decided we’d go looking for the piece of drenn that had tried to enslave us – Chairman Cole. We didn’t have much luck finding him, but an idea occured to me during the search. He’d recognized Thanos as an Andorian (yeah I know, big blue guy with antennae – where’s the trick?), so it occured to me that he might have dealings with ships from the Federation. Karr worked his magic and soon we had dicovered that there were about 17 vessels in system(s?) that had energy and material signatures that meant they were likely from the Alpha Quadrant.

We chose to check out the nearest one, which turned out to be a Federation Oberth-class vessel. Thanos was all for boarding her and taking her on, but since the ship’s complement was about 200, I differed with that opinion. I did want to see if they had all of their systems operational, though, so I devised a plan (wait for it).

I told Thanos to scrape paint, ‘cause I figured that if their shields were operational, they’d engage and nobody’d be worse for wear. Problem was, some of my idiomatic phrases are taken rather literally by my shipmates, so Thanos (being the jackass hot-shot pilot he is) decided to barnstorm the gap between their pylons – and gauged out a nice chunk of their vessel in the process. This naturally led to hard feelings on their part, and even after we called to apologize they decided to launch a huge number of torpedoes at us in retaliation. Thanos immediately went into evasive maneuvers while Karr yelled at us to go easy on the engines. I informed Karr of our impending doom, so instead of yelling at us for stressing his engines out, he instead decided to work some more magic and get our shields operational (we really don’t know how he accomplished this, but he said it had something to do with the incredibly hard head of his and a rather fragile console that was being stubborn about the whole deal).

As soon as the shields came on line, Thanos gave a warcry and turned the Starlight toward the enemy, screaming something about ‘ramming speed’. As I was the only person on the bridge with Thanos at the time, I immediately turned my attention to some of the many colored lights and dials that I could play with, anything to avoid watching the viewscreen. It didn’t take long before the horrendous sound of two ships colliding filled my ears (and it’s a lie – they can hear you scream in space). When it was all over, one of their warp nacelles was spinning off into space and they had surrendered (thankfully, since Thanos was lining up for another run, and I don’t think I could’ve stopped him). The Starlight was mostly intact – ‘cause we had shields and they didn’t – and hopefully we can get it all buffed out before we have to go back and pick up Alyr. So we topped up on some supplies and got a few more crewmembers, including a Caitian chick, who might be of some use when we have to travel to the Kzintin Hegemony to follow up on the data chip that Karr had gotten back on Niflheim (or whatever the name of the planet was where we fought the Grendl).

Since that had gone (mostly) well, we decided to go to the next of the seventeen ships, but decided to find the closest Klingon vessel. As luck would have it, this one was in orbit over Londinium. And she was a big one – a Vor’cha-class I think Karr called it. Whatever, she was huge, with a complement of 2000 (yes, Thanos wanted to board her as well – but he’s nuts). We decided to hail her before trying anything else (mostly because Karr detected that her disruptors were all on line and charged, and locked on us). The captain was open to trade, and what he was looking for was slaves. In the end I told him where he could find the Oberth we had mangled – they’d be easy picking for him. In exchange, he invited us to the ‘mudder planet’ in 9 days, where he’d be willing to pay us more if his trip proved to be particularly profitable. Since the Oberth’s hold was filled with livestock, I’m looking forward to a Klingon party in just over a week.

Well, that’s about where we are right now. We gotta wait for Alyr to call us, but in the meanwhile the new crewmen are helping Karr get the Starlight squared-away. They even have a trick that should get the personnel transporters working (albeit at shorter range than normal). All in all, things are looking up if you ask me – and with any luck we might be able to get some tech ideas from the Klingons when we meet them. Just gotta remember to keep Thuku away from them – after all, they are looking for a Rodian male fitting his description.

I also have to admit the 100k they’re offering is looking pretty tempting…

Matt's Personal Log - Episode 24

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