Matt's Personal Log - Episode 17

Okay, I think I left off where I was sitting in the dark, soaking wet, and bleeding from an arrow wound in my side. After getting Karr outta the river, I more or less collapsed – don’t really know how long. When I came to, Karr was conscious and had managed to start a small fire; the girl was still out of it, so she was the most comfortable.

We talked about how to get out – not that I was looking forward to leaving the volcanic caves, what with it being 40 below outside and me without a shirt – and settled on taking the boat left behind the Klingon ass-hats that had shot me. We followed the flow since two of us weren’t gonna make much headway against the current, and we made good time (not knowing where we were headed helped with that assessment). Eventually we heard the roar of a waterfall (or so we thought), and I was trying to figure out what to do when we saw it. Not a waterfall; no, nothing so mundane – it was a water rise! Seriously, in front of us was a wall of water just flowing up (being a Klingon planet, I suppose they haven’t heard of the Laws of Physics yet). Well, we managed to turn the boat sideways (mostly) and smacked into the flow broadsides. Now, you might expect us to then roll over (I was) but instead we lifted up like we were in the locks of a canal. We reached the top with no problems and continued on our merry way – except, of course, now I’ve got a splitting headache from trying to work out the math that makes such a thing possible (I fully expect I’ll just chalk it all up to being an optical illusion, like those hills where balls seem to roll up them – yeah, I know, but whatever).

Short while later, we find a dilapidated pier and eventually manage to get to shore. A hut nearby held a Bolian castaway (those are the blue guys with the seam – hey! I just had a thought – any chance the Blue Man Group are really Bolians? Need to look into that possibility!) Anyway, the Bolian guy’s ship crashed a little while ago and he was the only survivor. He helped us out, gave us some clothes, and helped us rig a travois to carry the girl (I’m gonna start calling her Nova, since she reminds me of that hot Italian chick from the Planet of the Apes series).

After a long, arduous hike through the cold (though slightly warmer since the snow was starting to turn to slush), we got back to Heorot. Alyr had met us on the way back – seems he’d finished with all the sex and decided he’d stretch his legs and take a look for us. He told us that a celebration was going on – Halfnub had killed the beast, the mother, and rescued all the captives! Karr was a bit pissed – he’d been the one that killed the beast (he says). Also, apparently Nubbie was the reason Karr had gone swimming – apparently he’d thrown Karr off the ledge after he’d been poisoned by the mother. I don’t know anything about that so I can’t speak on it – I will say that at first I didn’t care that much, but as the night went on, Nubbins’ constant bragging was starting to get under my skin, almost to the point of helping Karr attack him. Good thing Alyr kept me and Karr thinking straight, though his only motivation was to get off this rock.

Long story short, we were eventually transmaterialized off of the planet – in our absence, Alyr’s ship had been captured by the ‘Empire’ (that’s an original name for an evil tyrannical force if I never heard one), along with Thuku and K’ara. We were still searching for Tarak so that we could mount a rescue when a huge ship entered the system – the Empire had returned! We high-tailed it outta there and started working on our to-do list. Let’s see (in my order of importance):

  • Find and rescue K’ara
  • Find and rescue Tarak
  • Find and rescue Thuku
  • Find and recover the Starlight
  • Return to Citadel Station and catch what remainder of the pageant we could
  • Fly back to the far side of the Klingon Empire and find Karr’s uncle who was lost in a swamp (I’m starting to notice a trend here, and I’m really hoping one of Karr’s siblings, uncles, aunts, whatever, eventually decides to get lost on a tropical beach)

The Empire was giving chase – it was an acquaintance of Alyr’s who just wanted to say hello and kill him – and through the conversation between the Captain and Cutter, we figured out that Thuku and the ship were still in Imperial custody, but K’ara had been sold into slavery. Using my knowledge of Top Gun, we hit the brakes and the Imps flew right on past (which means we dropped out of hyperspace while they weren’t looking). Before they could get back to us, we plotted a course to a nearby pirate haven that the guys knew about and the likely place where K’ara was going to end up. We hit the gas and were there before the Imps knew they’d lost us.

The haven was run by something called a Hutt – can’t describe him to you, I never met the guy. On landing, first thing we did was get some weapons – Alyr collects them and Karr just likes playing with them. Cutter lent me a pistol and we went looking for K’ara. We found her, but her auction price was well outta my reach. I was going to talk to the guy that did purchase her, but his Orc guards didn’t like all the negative waves I must’ve been giving off, so they stopped me. Alyr fared a little better – he managed to talk to the guy and arrange a meeting for later that evening to discuss a deal.

Have I mentioned that I don’t like waiting around? Especially when someone I care about is in danger. I asked Alyr if I could borrow a rifle he’d just bought – one that uses a transporter beam to allow the projectile if fires to ‘miss’ any intervening matter between the shooter and the target. He said sure, gave it to me, and I went off looking for the piece of drenn that had K’ara.

You may be wondering about how I was able to walk around with a rifle on the station. One word: pirates.

After some digging and skulking around, I determined where the dude was staying – turned out ot be his ship. Eventually I found a vantage point suited to my purposes and started setting up. Took me a little while to figure out how to use the weapon and it’s gear, but eventually I got the hang of it. Soon enough, I found the guy sitting at a table, enjoying a meal with Cutter and Karr. The gear doesn’t include sound, so I didn’t know what they were saying – and honestly, I didn’t care. I took aim and gave the bastard a third eye – and some people say we scientists aren’t spiritual. I’m pretty sure all hell broke loose at that point but it was like trying to watch a movie through a telescope – all I could tell was there was a lot going on. I managed to take out two of those orc things before they could sneak up on the guys. I waited a while, expecting to see Cutter and Karr emerge with K’ara at any moment. After fifteen or twenty minutes passed, I realized that wasn’t gonna happen any time soon.

A crowd was beginning to form outside the ship, probably because someone had heard some weapons fire from inside. I started scanning for the guys and eventually found them. I made contact via a communicator, upon which I informed them of the growing crowd. They said okay and asked me to keep watch, which I did. When they did emerge from the ship, we immediately got YunDarr out of the medic’s place (he went in on our arrival at the station to undergo recovery surgery and get his arm replaced, if you can believe it). Cutter dealt with the station’s authorities – being a pirate haven, they wanted a cut of the action and they’d be willing to look the other way. I guess that’s some good news, but it’s definately something to keep in mind whenever we’re in similar locations – that’s the kinda thing that could bite us on the ass if we’re note careful.

We left the station as soon as we could. We still have the Shadow, and have gained the Mugato, which is more or less a pimped out porn studio with warp drive. K’ara is safe. There were quite a few other girls on the ship, as well as 3 members of a four-man band (the other had gotten killed in the fight that broke out onboard). We haven’t figured out exactly what we’re going to do next, but I do have some ideas on that. Someone was telling me about weapons (so it was probably Cutter), and apparently they have ‘jacketed’ phaser beams. With Karr’s help, we might be able to perform a similar process on our sensors, which may give us a better chance of locating Tarak on Jortunheim. An alternate idea would be to ‘channel’ our sensors through the main navigational deflector to give us a boost – though that might burn the deflector out, which would be a bad thing.

Still, the mood’s pretty good – Karr and YunDarr are healing; K’ara’s no longer in chains (at least against her will); and we got a new ship. Life’s been worse. Of course, I still need to get a spacesuit, but all in good time.

Matt's Personal Log - Episode 17

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