Once a Li Halan planet, the Decados seized this arctic-and-tundra world early in the Emperor Wars and have held it ever since. It still bears the mark of its former rulers, and religious fervor regularly sweeps the world. Since the Decados took over, however, the Orthodox view has become diluted. New sects crop up on a regular basis, and even different members of the same group find themselves battling over dogma. Newcomers often find themselves caught up in this factional fighting against their will.

The arctic planet Malignatius is something of an anomaly among Decados holdings: nowhere else among the Decados does such religious fervor run through the populace. The variance in sects and beliefs that regularly crop up and disappear on Malignatius lead viewers to one observation: it doesn’t matter what the religion is, the Malignatians are simply, innately religious. Take any religion away from them and another will take its place. This of course vexes the Church, but it amuses the Decados. The planet has developed something of an unfortunate reputation among Decados nobles; incurring Prince Hyram’s wrath could lead you to exile on Malignatius (assuming it does not lead you to death), and for some unfortunates, this has become a cold and bitter prison. A number of gulags have been established on Malignatius for Decados dissidents and troublemakers. Their lives are often short. The frozen wastes of this planet are also home to a number of monastics – some members of the Universal Church, and others claiming no religious affiliation whatsoever – who spend their days in quiet isolation, meditating and studying texts often believed lost to time.


Malignatius’s single moon is even more inhospitable than Malignatius. Julka is the setting of a large, heavily protected subterranean gulag, where the House’s most notorious criminals go. There is no escape.

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