Mae'valla Talyn's Personal Log - Episode 7

I couldn’t believe my luck, though it didn’t surprise me – bad as always! The Nelson had originally been tasked with checking on reports of some newly discovered ruins on Bajor, but since word of a Jedi dissident had cropped up on Betazed, she’d been retasked with aiding the FIPA forces in the Betazed system. So, instead of researching ruins as I’d been trained to do, here I am on Betazed, looking for a Jedi. I was paired with Lt. Faraday; he was an okay sort of guy, but usually a bit careless in the field, particularly when he felt safe, such as was the case in patrolling the cities of Betazed.

I don’t know if I wanted to find the terrorists or not. I really didn’t want to face one of those energy swords they wielded, especially since the Captain hadn’t seen the need to outfit the teams with personal shields. He’d felt that our phasers should be enough – I guess that’s what happens when a non-combatant is asked to help out in this sort of situation. Not really his fault, though – he’d only ever been a scientist, and had no combat experience to speak of. But capturing a Jedi would look good on my file, and might help balance some of the failure from that misguided venture on Denchar.

I did have one trick up my sleeve though: I’d researched those Jedi weapons, and had the idea to scan for their particular energy signatures with my tricorder. Security ‘corders wouldn’t have the fine-tuning needed – not in such a busy city – but I thought my science one might be up to the task.

So this morning we set out, along with 30 or so other teams, after getting the briefing from our FIPA liaison. Faraday and I were headed to a mercantile district, and were maintaining contact every 20 minutes per our orders. Occassionally my tricorder would give an indication, and then just as suddenly it would disappear. Faraday, in a attempt at humor, remarked that my idea must not be as good as I might have thought. Too bad for him – I’d been getting lonely lately, and he had had a chance; now, no Andorian bed warmer for him!

Another chirp came from my ‘corder as we reached an intersection; it seemed to be coming from the direction of a saloon. I mentioned we should check it out, to which Faraday shrugged in his usual carefree way. When we entered it took a few moments for my eyes to adjust; Faraday said something about taking one side of the bar, so I took the other. The only erson sitting there was a Human female, who was watching me intently. Immediately my instincts went into overdrive – there was something in her stare that brought to mind the same feeling I’d had being hunted in those Denchar mines.

I approached her carefully, making sure to stay a couple of meters away – from what I knew about Jedi that might not matter, but in combat every little advantage can turn a defeat into a victory. I started with standard questions while I scanned her. She didn’t register on my tricorder as a Jedi, but there was a slight reading on the energy signatures I was looking for. I felt there was enough to bring her in for more questioning, but then a chirp from my PADD drew my attention.

I looked at it and was surprised by what I saw. The wanted Jedi – Satele Keto by name – was seated calmly in front of me, answering my questions. That wasn’t the surprise though; under the heading of ‘Known Associates’, the name Jacen Daasa was listed, along with his image. It’s been over a year, but I still haven’t forgotten him. This man got me off of Denchar, and probably saved my life as well. And there I was, about to arrest a friend of his.

I made my decision and looked at her. Our eyes met, and I think she saw the recognition in my eyes. Before she could react, I thanked her for her patience and met Faraday at the door. We left the saloon, and I didn’t look back. My career’s on the line with this decision, but honor says I had to take care of my debt. If Daasa had anything against the Federation, he’d had no reason to let me go. The scientist in my mind wants to dig in to this mystery, and the soldier in me wants to fight. As an Andorian, I will make certain that my actions bring no dishonor upon either myself or my keth.

Mae'valla Talyn's Personal Log - Episode 7

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