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Planet Name: LoMo
Class: M
System Data:
Gravity: 1.0
Atmosphere: Oxygen/Nitrogen
Hydrosphere: 74% Surface Water frozen
Sapient Species: Ch’kanti
Tech Level: Level 7
Government: None
Culture: Hive
Affiliation: Independant
Resources: Supertechnology
Places of Note: The Hive
Ship Facilities: None
Other Details:

LoMo is inhabited by insect-like humanoids, the Ch’kanti, who are well accustomed to the blistering cold and who harbor no fondness for outsiders. The LoMo are in possession of nanotechnology (called nanocites), which enables them to repair any injury (biological) or damage (technological) or freeze other beings. They can be used to maintain a localized temperature to accommodate the user in extreme heats.

The Ch’Kanti do not use starships for space travel but rather use super transporters that have a range of many thousands of lightyears. The species is known for its use of the Force. Most notably the hive mind and telepathic powers.

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