List of Sectors

A Sector is a volume of space approximately 20 cubic lightyears. In Federation space, a typical sector contains between six and ten star systems.

Alrakis Sector

The Alrakis Sector is a region of non-aligned space near the Federation border with Elorg space. It contains the J’larre System and the Tethe-Alla System.

Archanis Sector

The Archanis Sector is a region of space on the border of Federation and Klingon territories, named for the Archanis System.

Aurillac Sector

A heavily trafficked region of space in the Beta Quadrant located between Deep Space Seven and the Kilka Sector. Located in non-aligned space, the Aurillac Sector was home to several planetary systems, its largest being its namesake, the Aurillac System.

Bajoran Sector

A region in the Alpha Quadrant on the border of Cardassian and Federation space. It contains the Bajoran System and station Deep Space Nine. The region was considered highly strategic during the Dominion War because the terminus of the Bajoran Wormhole fell within the confines of the Bajoran Sector.

Bon Turani Sector

A heavily trafficked sector in the Beta Quadrant, where Federation, Klingon, and Romulan territories converge. Federation Starbase 116 is located in the Bon Turani Sector, and serves as the political and economic hub for the region.

Calandra Sector

The Calandra Sector is a region of space near Deep Space Nine. The Dominion used it as a staging ground for an assault on Betazed in 2374.

Caleb Sector

A heavily trafficked region of space along the former Romulan Neutral Zone. Starfleet’s Third Fleet was assigned to patrol the Caleb Sector in August 2388.

Chi’dan Sector

A region of space within the Klingon Empire.

Glintara Sector

Region of space within the Romulan Star Empire.

Hyralan Sector

Region of space on the border of Federation and Romulan territories. The Vana’diel Nebula is in the Hyralan Sector.

Jan’tral Sector

A region of space along the Romulan Neutral Zone that includes the Jolan’isar Cluster. The Jan’tral Sector is heavily trafficked by mercenary vessels, many of which perform extralegal smuggling activities.

Jerimus Sector

A remote region of space charted by the Starlight in May 2389. It had been previously inaccessible because of a loose Romulan claim to the region.

Kerelos Sector

A region of space on the edge of Tholian territory.

Kilka Sector

Region of space located in the Beta Quadrant, near the Romulan Neutral Zone. The Kilka Sector is home to several star systems, including Ka’Tula, Gildebron, and Breat, as well as the massive Alteran Expanse. Prior to 2385, the Kilka Sector was of minimal strategic value to the Federation; however, the formation of the Elorg Rift in the Alteran Expanse and the subsequent
invasion quickly made it one of the most volatile regions within the Federation.

Luzaera Sector

A region of space in the Beta Quadrant. It includes several star systems, including Welgaia, Darsaea, 92-Eridani, and Veridian, as well as a pulsar designated NGC-59428. The sector is inhabited by a space-dwelling species known as the Qinxaea; the Darsaean Alliance and the Klingon Empire also claim parts of the sector.

M’Kieru Sector

Region of space that borders both Klingon and Romulan territory. On stardate 47111 (February 2370), the USS Enterprise-D made first contact with the Garidians in the M’Kieru Sector.

Mempa Sector

Region of space in the Klingon Empire that was site to several key battles during the Klingon Civil War in 2367-2368. This region was invaded by the Galactic Empire during the Empire War in 2384.

Molgeras Sector

The Molgeras Sector is a remote region of Elorg space. Al’Kural is located within its boundaries. One thousand years ago, the Breen conflict with the Hebitians came to a head in the Molgeras Sector.

Nuq’tal Sector

A region of Klingon space near Gren-ga‘tharg. During the Empire War in 2384 the region was enveloped by an ion storm the likes of which had never been recorded. The storm still rages today.

Onias Sector

A region of space along the former Romulan Neutral Zone. This region saw massive fighting during the Empire War.

Rusarkis Sector

A region of space near Caltaar Prime, several lightyears from Federation territory.

Sector 003

Sector 003 is a core sector of Federation space, and includes the Terra Nova System.

Sector 006

A heavily trafficked sector in the heart of Federation territory. Andoria and Vulcan are both located within Sector 006.

Sector 953

Region of space where an interstellar dust cloud has claimed many ships.

Sector 957

A region of space that the supersticious believe to be haunted. Many ships entering this region return minus their crew.

Sector 4258

A remote region of Federation space where several starships reported seeing a gravimetric distortion.

Sector 10026

A region of space in the Beta Quadrant that contains the Z’Tarnis Nebula.

Sectors 18326 – 19112

A region of space also known as the Uncharted Territories.

Sector 54168

Sector 51468 is a distant region of space. A disabled Borg Cube has been reported in this region.

Sector 59481

An unexplored sector on the outermost reaches of Federation space. In August 2388, the USS Sydney and the USS Honshu were both destroyed by a spatial anomaly in Sector 59481.

Taugan Sector

A region of space in the heart of Federation territory. It has several star systems that are commonly raided by mercenaries.

Yakra Sector

A region of space on the border of Cardassian and Elorg territory.

Yaraka Sector

An unremarkable sector within Federation space. It has one B-type star system that is home to six Class J planets.

Yedar Sector

Region of space controlled by the Tholian Assembly.

Zhargosia Sector

A distant region of space where several starships were mysteriously lost in the past decade. Several star systems are in the Zhargosia Sector, including the Anar’qand System, the Crimson Nebula, GSC-88932, and the Zhargosia System.

List of Sectors

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