Lira's Fortress

Deep within the Uncharted Territories (The Benjac Nebula), Lira’s Fortress has become a massive trade port. Lira’s troopers provide law on the space station. Lira herself is a Ferengi of much renown. She broke away from Ferengi tradition and had her space station built by the Cardassians. Then, along with a dozen salvaged warships from the Domonion War, she moved the station into the Uncharted Territories. She has close to 75,000 people working for her in various capacities as well as owning stake in dozens of mining operations throughout the Uncharted Territories.

Her fleet is recruiting, offering a training program similar to Starfleet as well as a bonus of 30 bars of Latinum for contracts. The contracts include 4 years training and 4 years of service with good pay and benefits.

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Uncharted Territories

Lira's Fortress

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