Kylee's Personal Log - Episode 7

Home. I hadn’t thought I would ever see my home again. Feeling the ground of Bajor benieth my feet was like heaven to me. Swiming in the ocean and watching the children at play was like a dream. I am beyond grateful to Tarak for rescuing me. I remember the stories of him when the Cardassians were destroying all that we held dear. Now to be serving with such a great man, even if he isn’t Bajoran born, is truly an honor. To be made an officer on his ship and part of his bridge crew is something that other Bajorans would probably have killed for.

It seems now that the ship is being outfitted to be a pirating vessel and blockade runner. I never thought of myself as a pirate but the idea of it holds a certain romance and I find myself looking forward to the dangers. I bought a bunch of holodeck programs from Quark and he assures me they are the best pirating and swashbuckling programs he had on file. I will start living the life of a pirate on the holodeck so that I can act proper when we begin actually pirating Starfleet ships.

A’lana is teaching classes on close quarters combat to the slaves. I have started taking the classes myself with the hope that this highly aggressive fighting style will aid me in the future. She holds herself with such assurance of purpose and yet she is just a slave. I envy her freedom and her sexiness. Perhaps I will ask her to teach me how to control a man the way she controls Tarak. It amazes me that she can get him, who claims to own her, to do almost anything.

The Klingon attack on our ship left us fairly damaged but those repairs are nearly done. Tarak and his friends have gone down to Bajor and I admit I am pissed they didnt invite me. I wonder what they are up to. I suspect is illegal but wont know for certain until they return. In the meanwhile Tarak left me in charge of the ship and I am liking it. Bossing around all of these men is fun.

Kylee's Personal Log - Episode 7

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