The Kurii are nearly as ancient as the Puppetteers, though they never quite achieved the same technological level as that esteemed species. The Kurii homeworld is thought to have been destroyed nearly an eon ago. Most historians believe it was the Priest-kings that destroyed the world, but more recent evidence suggest it was the ‘Doomsday Machine’ encountered by the USS Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk. Today the Kurii live on worlds that were built for them by the Puppetteers. The ‘Steel Worlds’ are able to travel at transwarp speeds and are about the size of Earth’s moon.

In 2331 a Kurii vessel crashed onto a Kzinti colony. The resulting battle destroyed the colony and the only known survivor was the famed Kzinti General, Grr’t Hrr’ng, who lost his right arm. He claimed that only two Kurii survived the crash and that they managed to kill all 76 colonist before he was able to bite the throat out of smaller one. The larger Kurii was found dead several months later, apparently from infection caused by his wounds.

The Kurii appear as a large furred, mammal having 4 limbs, which can stand upright or on all fours. Each paw has 6 long multiple-jointed digits with retractable claws and an opposing thumb, so that it can grip. Incredibly hideous, large-eyed, furred things, they have wide, pointed ears and stand perhaps eight or nine feet high, tailless, weighing seven or eight hundred pounds. They have a wide, two-nostriled, leathery snout with a huge maw, large enough to take a man’s head into it, rimmed with two rows of stout fangs. There are four larger fangs, long and curved, for grasping, in the position of the canines, and the upper two fangs protrude at the side of the jaws when the jaws are closed hiding the long, dark tongue. Having forelegs larger than their hindlegs, they are incredibly strong and ferocious, carnivorous, even to eating humans; yet have an advanced culture and science surpassing in many respects Earth’s own. They are extremely powerful, hightly intelligent, fond of killing. Though many consider them primitives they are in reality quite technologically advanced.

Kur Species Template
  • Fitness 4(7)
    • Strength +2
  • Coordination 2(5)
    • Reaction +1
  • Intellect 2(5)
  • Presence 2(5)
    • Empathy -2
  • Psi 0(3)
  • Force 0(3)
  • Essence 0(3)
  • Culture, Kurii 2(3)
  • History, Kurii 1(2)
  • World Knowledge, Steel Worlds or Homeworld 1(2)
  • Athletics 2(3)
  • Weapon, Any Melee 1(2)
Typical Traits
  • Language: Kurii (Fluent/Literate) (+4)
  • Excellent Chemoreception (+1)
  • Excellent Hearing (+2)
  • Natural Weapon: Bite 2+1d (+3)
  • Natural Weapon: Claws 1+1d (+2)
  • Night Vision (+2)
  • Battle Rage (-2)
  • Specialized Diet: Carnivore (-1)


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