Khitomer was considered to be a neutral site between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, and was located near the Romulan border. In that year, the Khitomer Conference was held at Camp Khitomer on the planet. The conference started the first full peace negotiations between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire and gave birth to the Khitomer Accords. Originally, Earth had been selected as a venue, but after Klingon chancellor Gorkon was assassinated on his way to Earth, the conference had to be relocated to Camp Khitomer.

By 2346, a Klingon colony existed on Khitomer. On stardate 23859.7, the colony fell victim to a Romulan attack. In the attack – which later became known as the Khitomer Massacre – 4,000 colonists were killed, amongst them Mogh and Ja’rod. Only two survivors were believed to have been rescued by the USS Intrepid; however, a group of colonists captured by the Romulans were allowed to live and were taken to a prison camp in the Carraya sector, remaining undiscovered until 2369. An obelisk was erected on Khitomer as a memorial to those killed.

The Romulan Empire thereafter laid claim to the planet, and it appeared on Federation maps in 2369 as being within their territory. Today the planet has become a major Diplomatic Center. It is free of the UFP, Klingon, and Romulan control. As a true nuetral party diplomats often choose Kitomer for peace talks and negotiations. The Orion Syndicate operates a market on Khitomer much to the disdain of all other nations.

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