Karr's Story

The scene opens with a bar fight in the Grinning Vulcan. There are people of all races being thrown across the bar. There are makeshift knives and swords being drawn. Tables and chairs are flying around. In the middle of the brawl are two big figures standing again waves of brutal assaults coming in. In the middle stands YunDarr and Karr.

(fades to black and intro to show begins)

(fades in )

Fighting continues to erupt. Karr yells over to YunDarr.
“Hey Yun, You workout enough? Ready to take out the trash? “
YunDarr, laughs in agreement as he tosses a guy out the Grinning Vulcan door followed by the guy’s right arm.

Short time later, the bar is cleared out. What people and bodies that were on the floor have been looted by Karr and thrown out by YunDarr. Weapons that were found have been thrown in to the weapons chest. They will be sold back to those who want them for a good profit. House gets 30%, 20% for staff and 50% Karr/YunDarr.

As the staff starts cleaning up and setting things right, Karr and YunDarr sit down at table and start laughing.
“Helen (the bartender) bring me over some more bloodwine.”
The sexy lady brings over drinks “Here you go Karr. You two know how to make a mess, don’t you?”
“Thanks beautiful. The lovely a$$ of yours is looking good. Maybe you need loving tonight? “

“Maybe?” she smiles.
“I will bring the love whips.” states Karr
“Sounds good to me love. I know what you like Karr.”
She walks off. Another girl come over and sits down.
“So that was pretty awsome what you two did. Was that the worst fight you been in?”

Karr leans back and says
“Nope. You are looking at a hero.”
She says “Really? You are a hero?”

Karr..”Yup. I was a hero at the Battle of the Kalandra Sector. “
Karr eyes start to roll back as he remembers “It was 2375, during the Dominion War and I was still in Starfleet. I was a combat engineer. We were station on planet Ka Brel. The tech team that I was on, was assigned to bring down and setup transporter enhancer. It would appear that the Gemhadar had affected the atmosphere so that our transporters would have a difficult time beaming down.

The USS Scrapper was deployed to do this mission. Captian Casey Bates was a tough hard head captain. But he did command the respect of his staff. We were on schedule to send out 5 shuttles that would setup at least 5 different points each around the city to capture the head quarters.

As we were starting to approach the planet, the ships comm signal came on. The captain started to say over communications on the ship.
“Ok people. I know that I am a simple cowboy from back on earth but it is time we start phase one of the ‘big roundup.’ Now people get to your stations. Soldiers get your gear and get ready to for the transporters; shuttles get ready for shields to drop and head out. Whoa hold on. Red Alert.”
Someone on the bridges yells “Captain, Incoming”
Capt. Bates “All hands brace for impact.”
The ship started to rock as we were boarding the shuttles.
We raced out the docking bays and began flight.

On the shuttles we could still hear the communications across the Scrapper. “We have taken major damage, prepare to abandon ship. Oh no. Incoming. Abandon ship! Abandon ship!”

As the USS Scrapper started to send out escape pods it was destroyed by the Gemhadar.

My shuttle and two other were able to depart before the Scapper had blown up. The other two shuttles were blown out of the sky. We were also hit and it damage the controls killing our shuttle pilot. We were falling and loosing power.

(Fades out)

The shuttle was in a decent pattern. The pilot was dead and we were thinking we would be next. There were only 8 of us. Ensign Hayne, fresh out the academy communication; Commander Flix pilot who was now dead; security officers Jones, Booth, and Whitman; Chaney of engineering; myself from engineering and the ranking officer was Lt. Alyssa Bombay medical.
Lt. Bombay…”Let’s keep our heads. Ensign Haynes, can you pilot? “
Ensign Haynes…” yes but I just learned. “
Lt. Bombay…”Who else?”
Karr states “I can pilot also but I need to get power to the controls”
Lt. Bombay…”well man, get to it”
Karr…..”On it.”
Lt. Bombay…”Jones and Booth, Move Commander Flix to the back”
I grab my tools and pull back the panel. I rerouted the systems power to the controls. “Haynes try the controls now”
Haynes…”Karr I m trying nothing… nothing… hold on… OK getting power”

Lt.Bombay…”great now get us down safe”
Haynes…”I m trying but it hard”
Lt. Bombay…”Everybody brace yourselves!”
Haynes…”We going down”
There are loud noises, flashing and then sudden pain. I then passed out.

Upon waking up I can hear Lt. Bombay working on Whitman “Damn it, stay with me! Stay with me!”

……..to be continued……….

Lt. Bombay just stops and stands up.
Haynes says…“Doc is she gone?”
“Yes. She is gone.”
Haynes…”Karr are you ok?”
Karr…”Yes, I am”
Lt.Bombay…”with his body, he can get hit with a shuttle craft and still get up”
Haynes…”He did …sort of”
Lt. Bombay…”See case proven”
Karr…”what is the status?”
Lt. Bombay …”Well Mr. Karr, commander Flix, Whitman and Chaney are dead. Jones and Booth are outside securing the area. And you haven’t told me the status of the ship. So I guess you should take a look and let me know”
Karr …”Yes, sir.”

After looking at the shuttle, I was able to determine that the shuttle wouldn’t be able to fly without some added power. The transport buffer still had images but lost some integrity in the images. Remembering the tech information that I read about Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott of the USS Enterprise, I used my skill to rebuild the images as best as I could. By using some of the transporter enhancer equipment on board, I was able to rig the system to hold ten images. All images are maintained in the computer buffer. The transporter can only beam three at a time. The images that Karr choose are Security Officers Trueman, Hills, and Mallard. There are well trained from my memory.

I knew that the Genhardar would be looking around for survivors of the different wreckage. The best way would be to look for wreckage that still have power running. I used the ship systems to boost the signal interference in the air so that their sensors would not be able to detect us. This would make the power level signal masked and undetected.

I knew that they would still have to do ground patrol. When Jones and Booth came back, Lt. Bombay thought it would be better for the group to run off and not bring attention to the wreckage. I disagree but he was in charge. After traveling for about a half day, we were ambushed. We held out for a while but then a sonic stun bomb went off and we all out.

I woke up being tortured for two days by a Cassadian male name Poren Jasad. I was beaten and almost killed. In fact, they thought I was dead. I was able to put myself into a deep trance that look similar to death. Then when they thought i was dead and was trying to move my body. I was able to attack and free myself. I was able to escape with two other prisoners who were starfleet officer name Tom Knox and Rexar Kaleth.
I was able to find access to the enemy systems and link it to my portable controller. We were able to make our way to the shuttle. I was able to link shuttle ship system to enemy system. We were able to study the layout of the base. I had access to the cameras and found the locations of the other prisoners. I was also able to make new access code that would allow me to access force field.

We were able to “hit and run” tactics. I was able to transporters to work within a 5 mile radius near the base including inside the base. I beamed phantoms images of soldiers that are in the shuttle buffer. The soldiers would appear to do a quick shot attack and run off. They would beam out.

I would also uses the communications to drop the reply signals of the foot soldiers. This lack of communications along with the false readings of attacks confused the leaders. The commanders had to send out more soldiers to find out about the lack of communication. Shortly after the soldiers go out to the checkpoints they lose contact. They were lock behind force fields and communications as well as weapons were disabled. In the areas where I was not able to get force fields up I would send a self destruct signal to their weapons and it would only take one to go off to take out the group. So an occasional rifle would overloads and exploded. The cameras were put on looping to give more false signals.

Finally, we were able to uses transporters to beam in soldiers. Karr used the transporter to beam the soldier in. The five of them sneak in and attack the prison area. Karr is able to reach and free the prisoners. Jones was killed in the escape.

We made it to the command room and were able to take over the station and turn off the system that was ionizing the air preventing the star ships in space from beaming down. Once that was done, we had to just keep defending the area until help got there. We were victorious.

Karr…”We consider Heroes.”
Karr…”Now, I am a fixer at a prison…….for now…HAHAHA!”

Karr's Story

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