Karr's Personal Log - Episode 9

Personal Log

Much has happen since last entry. Where do I start? Well, Jacen found out that his student, Satele, was capture and being transport to a hearing for mass murder. She was aboard the Iriquois. The Iriquois is the flagship of the Admiral Yore, who is known for catching Jedis. The plan work well. Jacen took a runabout and disable the engine to make it look like he was stranded. After the pick him up and we in the Heart of Gold was able to close in on the ship in cloak mode, we were set to go. Jacen was able to free her from her cell, I was able to lock in and transport them over along with her cell mate and 1 guard. Our crew was able to disable the Iriquois with some shots and run. We were pursued for a while but they cannot keep up with my engines. Unfortunately, we lost one of the three runabouts we had back on the Iriquios. We left the guard on Ferenginar unharmed.

I will admit that Jacen and Satele seem to have some tension between them, but that is their business. I am feeling much better now. We were able to make another prison break from Denchar for the friends and allies we left behind. Rexar, Jacen and I transport down to Xebec and contact our allies. We told them to gather outside the city at the cemetery. It was good to see Dorr and Dorra . That old warrior is still fighting. After getting the group there, I was able to transport all to our ship. I was very concern if I was going to make it especially with the fact we were trying to move over 200 people at 6 member groups. We did it and Rexar was able to get us out of the area before major damage could occur.
While we were on our way to Denchar, Staele friend Juneau was able to aid me on removing the block that was place in me. She appears to be a great psionic. I hope that she may teach me some things before our paths stray apart. I have been trying to work through the block for years.

From Denchar we headed to Citadel Station. I am glad because I have some friends from the Vanguard that were there. I hope that they would still be there. I asked Dorr to train me a little while we are traveling. We drop off all who wanted to get leave from. Some ask to be crew, I don’t have any problem with that. While hanging out there, I found my friend Chilsa from the Vanguard. We talk for hours. It was great.

While there, I was told that shortly after I escape from Denchar that a ship with Klingons came there looking for me. They caused much damage and death in search of me. They also left word that my sister K’ara was taken and I should come to Prybella to get her. Once hearing that, I was ready to take a runabout and go after her. Yundarr and Jacen came with me. I was not thinking clearly. I pilot the runabout straight into an ion storm not thinking to turn on shields. It knocks but not for space unless shield could stay on. More important than the ship damage was that Yundarr was badly injured from the impact. Thankfully, Jacen was able to save him from death. We flew the ship to the shipyard. We went in the small settlement to look around. We enter the cantina. There I appoarch the group demanding my sister. I was greeted with no so friendly words then a fight broke out where I was shot. I awoke to find myself hanging by my hands from the rafters. In front of me were the female leader and a piss off Andorian name Thakor Ch’ Chari. He was angry with me because I screwed up his deal with the local hutt. Yundarr was tied to a table top while they threw knives at him. Jacen was missing. I had hope that he was safe. After some words, I was able to trigger an explosion that kills all but Yundarr and me. I figure it was a good day to die.

Afterwards, Jacen and K’ara came in and cut me down. We got Yundarr who was beaten badly and to one of their shuttles off the planet. Once there we were able to get on to the Heart of Gold, who had recently arrived. We were able to get medical help for Yundarr. While still near Prybella, we went with Cutter to the Depository. There Jacen found that his friend Honi might be on Citadel. So we went back to Citadel. I was able to see my friend Salma who actually had info on Jacen friend Honi. Honi had been arrested for drug trafficking. Salma made some arrangements for Honi to be free as long as she was put on our ship and would not coming back to Citadel for at least 1 year.

Now we will relax a little then head out to find my uncle. It looks like K’ara will be coming along.

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 9

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