Karr's Personal Log - Episode 6

Karr Log 00600

We have arrived at Planet Commerce 01. Lot of the traveling people left that was with us. Included in those that left was Crazy Eight. I hope that she finds the peace of mind that she seeks and needs.

While being at this city, we traded in the Fearless with another ship. The name of the ship is called “heart of Gold”. She looks worn and needs some work but she will do. She is a beauty. There are big rooms. I also junk a lot of old denchar stuff. I was able to get another set of armor that is of my own house. I also got better tools that will help a lot. I also found an old battle buddy of mine, Rexar. He said that he got stuck at this place and he wanted to leave. I was able to get him a room on the Heart of gold. He will work on as part of the crew.

From there we decide to head to Ferenginar, so that Tarak can pay his respects to his fallen mother. We decide to take a direct course that took us through a strange area of space. Strange in that sensors were not working correct. In the middle of this area of space, we found a ship that was adrift. The ship turns out to be my old ship the Vanguard. We boarded the ship by physical connection and headed to the bridge. Our goal was to give aid if we could else take parts that we need to repair our ship. We determine that life support and power was on bare minimum. After we access captain log, we found out that there is something strange on the ship. We used internal scans to find that some people had kill each other. We were able to get parts and contact the people there but they we all mindless Savages that proceed to chase down.
I can only believe that something was controlling them. There was some form of intelligence on the ship because when I try to access certain system, something was countering my attempt. Also something set the warp core to overload. As we were running through different area, one area had tribbles all around. I can not stand tribbles. We manage to get off ship in time.

As I was watching the final end of the Vanguard. My friend Jacen stood beside me watching when he pull something out of his pants pocket. When I look over, he was holding a Tribble in his hand. I automatically pull out a gun and try to shoot it out his hand. Not thinking clearly, I had pull out my vorron T disruptor. I had not realize that I almost shot Jacen (which would killed him instantly). My mind was some much into destroying that furry thing that even after Jacen knock the gun out my hand that I pull my knife and told him to drop it. He argue me about it and took it cate to put in statis. I had her scan for any more. she told me where the rest were and hunt them down and remove them. It wasnt to later that I realize that it was my Vorron T disruptor that I shot at him with. ….that just tells me that I am still being affected by my time in Denchar. Even with my talks, with Tarak…i still feel myself slipping.

I don’t know if I could make that up to Jacen. for now, I will just have to see what happens. If comes for my head so be it.

Once with Ferenginar, we went to Deep Space Nine. There I was introduce to a priest by Tarak, her name is Veddic Tai. Tai help me learn how to meditate. I hope it helps.

The next day, I found out that JimBones jim was here at DS9. I was able to visit him. He act like he knew me. He said if I could get him out on bail that he would tell me all the information I needed. I made an arrangement via Cutter for the money and I let Jimbones Jim know where the money is coming from under the syndicate rules. I wait to see if he agrees.

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 6

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