Karr's Personal Log - Episode 5

Karr Personal Log 000500

We are finally free of that floating mudball.

I have completed fixing and updating the Sheriff. Kate now has access/control to it. I have also modify my wristcom to allow kate to walk around solid with it.

I tried to warn some of my friends that we were going down underground to try avoid the burning surface of the planet by the federation. Meggan and Fam’u both decided not to go. Dorr was unwilling to go and rather die in the blaze.

Dorr is willing to take the bomb that we have in the Grinning Vulcan and use it on the ships above. Then he will transport to them and die fighting. He will be a good distraction for us to get away. I wish that Dorra could have come also.

We didn’t wait to hear what Tal Shressh thoughts were on the letter i sent him. if they should go to war then i hope that the battle will be glorious. The alliance of the Gurlacs, clone heads and Joliets should be give them a great battle.

After traveling for days we finally made it down to control and Yundarr/I took it apart to get parts that we may need for transporter room. As it turns out, we didnt need it. What we needed was several phasers to help blast away those flesh eating bugs. Luckly, Jacen had a phaser and was able to blast them away. I could have help if I had not just gave my phaser to Crazy Eight.

After Jacen remove the bugs, I was able to get in and check out the condition of the equipment. We were able to determine that the transporter could get one of us to the island where there is another set of transporters. I knew that it was a one shot deal. I went over and barely made it. I scouted out the area and found engineering area. Took some time but I was able to get my people over.

From there we were able to locate a ship at the bottom of water. We were able to find a submarine and Eight, Jacen and I went down to the ship. Once we got down there, we found two other people that had boarded. We told them we wanted to use the ship to leave this jail. They agree to work with us. We got the ship to the shore and into the docking bay of the base where I and others were able to repair it.

Finally, we are gone.

End of log

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 5

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