Karr's Personal Log - Episode 46

Personal Log start

Hmmm…. so i am still here on this stupid planet in unknown space within unknown time. I am suppose to figure out something but I dont know what it is other than feeling like i am part of this Unholy Trinity

The emperor aka chuck Norris….. is the father
Me….Karr…aka destroyer of worlds (i guess opposite of Jesus king of kings)….the son
my mother T’Lar …aka…whore of all that is evil… BTW..who is suppose to be dead….the unholy spirit
****OOC i put Karr into the Vulcan female name and it gave me T’Lar lol****

I keep getting these memories of that ancient story and I know it is me as the destroyer. I don’t know if I am still be affected by that butcher at the medical bay. He took off even more of my limb. Matt says that is consider to be excellent medical care for this period of time.

The doctor also work on Matt and he was laid up for a day or so also. But he didn’t have all these metal rods jam into like I did. Matt call them needles and something call a morphine drip.

We left the medical bay and caught up with the others. They think that Klingons are skin crafters.

I have a bandage wrapped over my missing eye and Katrina(K’Trena)kick me in the balls. When i drop to my knees as she walk away Matt pulls a gun on me ….yet again.

I am trying to figure this out before I lose it..

log end

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 46

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