Karr's Personal Log - Episode 44

Karr Log Begin

I woke up to find that I was no longer laying in the hospital but I was still in the prison cell. I guess that I must have been dreaming about the ship medical bed. As I lay there and started to sit up I found that I was not in cell with Matt, Anara and Thanos. I was with those three, Cutter and his whole crew. Cutter was rambling about being a way out of there and that I should figure it out.

While still figuring out what was going on, i notice that Matt was still waving that gun around. I decided to just go ahead and let them do want they wanted to do. I let them lead on into different rooms/cells. Finally, after losing Cutters crew and barely making it, we found a door that lead to stairs heading upward.

Once we goto to the top of the stairs there was a woman in white asking security questions. We offer the code that we knew and that was turn down. Then out of nowhere Cutter shot the woman dead. I admit I was caught off guard by his shooting then I realize her voice sounded familiar. I realize why and ran over to her to confirm my thoughts. I was right. It was her.

It was my mother.

She was there and I thought for a moment that she gone yet again from me…. then I heard her gasp. She look up and realize it was me. She ask how did get there and Matt or Cutter said by going thru the death trap we lost alot of people. She ask why since I was among them. It turns out that my bio signature was the backdoor key to disable the traps. I was suppose to go through the trap room first.

Now that she is alive what will happen next……

End log

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 44

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