Karr's Personal Log - Episode 43

Karr log


Ok I am in the infirmary with a headache and bandage wrap around my head.

All I remember is Matt fall into some kind of mental breakdown. I dont know if it the effects of the cube prison that we were in. He keep ranting about things trying to get me to harm him. He even shot off gun serveral times knowing that it bounces off the walls. He shot me about 3 times or more while I trying not to kill him but disarm him.

We were all injured from the different cells we went through. We have gone thru a cell where fire was cooking us and another where a gun barrel shot into room. Even a room where water came pouring in that almost drown us.

The last I remember was Thanos and Matt say we reach a end wall of the prison and they could see outside. From there Matt mental fever came to a head and started shooting at me. From what I can tell and hear he also shot me in the head.

His madness is steady growing. I hope i dont have to put him down.

end log

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 43

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